Brooklyn ko, at Barclays Center is a nightmare. Chicago and DeRozan are a roller

Yet another misstep of the Nets who lose to the Grizzlies at home. Eighth win in a row for the Bulls and then Detroit breaks Milwaukee

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The Pistons surprise the Bucks in Milwaukee, Brooklyn continues to struggle at the Barclays Center and also goes out against Memphis while Chicago wins its eighth consecutive success by overtaking Orlando.

Brooklyn Nets-Memphis Grizzlies 104-118

Yet another misstep of the Nets (23-12) at the Barclays Center. Brooklyn fails to limit an excellent Morant (36 points) and the very hot Grizzlies (24-14), in their fifth consecutive success, knock out the New York team by changing gears in a third quarter dominated far and wide. The Nets continue to fly away, where they will now also find Kyrie Irving but struggling a lot within the friendly walls (10-9 the home record). If in addition to the usual problems with the rebound, Durant and his companions also show a certain sufficiency, as happened in the last few races, resuming a fast gear becomes decidedly complicated.

Brooklyn: Durant 26 (6/16, 2/8, 8/9 tl), Harden 19, Claxton 11. Rimbalzi: Brown 7. Assist: Harden 8.

Memphis: Morant 36 (12/18, 2/4, 6/10 tl), Bane 29, Clarke 16. Rebounds: Adams 12. Assist: Morant 8.

Philadelphia 76ers-Houston Rockets 133-113

No problem for the 76ers (20-16), despite a first half with ups and downs, against the reworked Rockets (10-28) lacking in addition to Brooks and Jarreau, in the Covid protocol, the undisciplined couple Porter Jr.-Wood, suspended by the club after Saturday’s mutiny against the Nuggets. Philadelphia, with Thybulle and three other basketball players out for the health protocol, accelerates in the third fraction and relies on the plays of the usual Embiid who scores a triple double (31 points, 15 rebounds and 10 assists). Korkmaz is also very good: 24 points and 11 rebounds.

Philadelphia: Embiid 31 (11/18, 1/2, 6/7 tl), Korkmaz 24, Joe 18. Rimbalzi: Embiid 15. Assist: Embiid 10.

Houston: Mathews 23 (2/2, 4/8, 7/8 tl), Gordon, Tate 14. Rebounds: Theis 9. Assist: Tate 5.

Washington Wizards-Charlotte Hornets 124-121

The best Kuzma of the season and Beal’s usual solid performance allow the Wizards (19-18) to overtake the Hornets (19-19) despite their nine players in the pits due to the Covid protocol. Kuzma makes the difference with 36 points and 14 rebounds and signs the triple that gives the capital team the definitive advantage at 1’10 ” from the siren. Beal’s free throws (35 points) then secure Washington.

Washington: Kuzma 36 (7/15, 6/11, 4/4 tl), Beal 35, Gafford 15. Rebounds: Kuzma 14. Assist: Avduja 8.

Charlotte: Hayward 27 (9/16, 2/6, 3/3 tl), Rozier 25, Bridges 23. Rimbalzi: Bridges 14. Assist: Plumlee 7.

Chicago Bulls-Orlando Magic 102-98

The march of the team with the best Eastern Conference record continues. The Bulls (25-10) also surpass the Magic (7-31) and thus conquer their eighth consecutive success. Once again the limelight is taken by DeRozan who changes gears in the second half and in the end closes with 29 points, also the regret former Vucevic (13 points and 17 rebounds) and LaVine, 27 points.

Chicago: DeRozan 29 (11/22, 0/2, 7/13 tl), LaVine 27, White 17. Rimbalzi: Vucevic 17. Assist: Ball 7.

Orlando: Wagner 22 (7/11, 1/2, 5/5 tl), Carter Jr. 21, Harris 19. Rimbalzi: Carter Jr. 10. Assist: Frazier 5.

Milwaukee Bucks-Detroit Pistons 106-115

The surprise of the evening is given by Detroit that deprives the injured Grant and Olynyk and without Stewart and Joseph in the Covid protocol they trip the reigning champions in Milwaukee. Pistons (7-28) rely on the plays of a super Bey who scores 34 points shooting with an excellent 8/13 from long distance. The Bucks (25-14) thus see their streak of six consecutive successes come to an end. 31 points, 10 rebounds and seven assists for Giannis, but Middleton badly: 10 points with 3/10 from the field.

Milwaukee: Antetokounmpo 31 (11/17, 0/4, 9/13 tl), Holiday 29, Portis 12. Rimbalzi: Portis 14. Assist: Antetokounmpo 7.

Detroit: Bey 34 (4/9, 8/13, 2/2 tl), Jackson 24, Cunningham 19. Rebounds: Bey 8. Assist: Diallo 5.

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Brooklyn ko, at Barclays Center is a nightmare. Chicago and DeRozan are a roller