LeBron returns but Lakers ko. Rooster and Hawks, what a mockery with Philadelphia

The return of the Chosen One is not enough to beat the Clippers in the Los Angeles derby. An Embiid basket crowns the 76ers’ comeback against Atlanta. Boston falls to Utah, the Cavs win Washington, the Pelicans’ revenge with Dallas

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LeBron James is back on court but the Los Angeles derby is won by the Clippers, devastating with a three-point shot. Kevin Durant drags Brooklyn against Minnesota, while the Dallas Mavs fall by surprise at the hands of the New Orleans Pelicans. Also lose the Atlanta Hawks of an excellent Danilo Gallinari (18 points and 8 rebounds), surprised by Joel Embiid’s Sixers. Utah scored 27 triples and overtook Boston in Salt Lake City, and Miami found success in Indianapolis, despite playing without Butler and Adebayo. Finally, the victories of the excellent Cavaliers away to Washington and Houston (5th success in a row) over Orlando.

lakers-clippers 115-119

LeBron James is back, after a match has been stopped as required by the Covid protocol. But the Lakers still lose the Los Angeles derby. Yellow-violet always running, a triple from Anthony forces the sprint, but the last word has the 16 shots from three guest points to target. Kennard, who holds even 17 points in the second half alone, places two heavy triples, lost by the Lakers defense, relentless in defensive doublings on George and Ibaka. So Morris’s daring long-range table shot turns out to be the decisive one. The Clippers (12-11) had lost three games in a row, they chose the right one to raise their heads. For the Lakers (12-12) Davis’ 27 points and LeBron’s 23 are not enough. Monk scored 20, but in the second half he stumbled, including a crucial 3-point mistake in the final. Westbrook closes with 10 points and 9 assists, but also with an attacking foul that proves decisive in the point-to-point sprint.

L.A. Lakers:Davis 27 (10/13, 0/2 of three, 7/11 tl), James 23, Monk 20. Rebounds: James 11. Assists: Westbrook 9.

L.A. Clippers: Morris 21 (1/3, 6/9 from three, 1/1 tl), George / Kennard 19. Rebounds: George 8. Assist: George 9.

brooklyn-minnesota 110-105

Kevin Durant’s basketball poetry helps the Nets (16-6) to get out of the insidious quicksand of the match against the strong-willed Timberwolves (11-12), in the game until the last moment despite the important absence of Karl-Anthony Towns. KD danced on the parquet with elegance and produced movements of rare beauty and effectiveness. He also scored the basket that certified the success of his Nets at 11.3 ” from the siren with a very delicate jumper, after deceiving the defense of the excellent Jarred Vanderbilt with a sleight of hand. For Durant at the end 30 points, shooting 9/18 from the field and 12/13 to free, 10 rebounds and 6 assists in 38 ‘. Brooklyn also had a lot from Patty Mills (23 points), especially in the game’s decisive possessions, and relied on the mastery of James Harden (20 points, 9 assists and 7 rebounds) in game creation. It is never a bad idea to offer Barba carte blanche, not even on evenings where the triples do not enter (0/5) and there is a few too many turnovers (6). Minnesota has always believed it. The firepower of the Russell-Edwards-Beasley trio (58 points combined), however, failed to erase the Nets’ overall supremacy. Defensive stops were needed in the final. They haven’t arrived.

Brooklyn: Durant 30 (9/18, 0/1 da tre, 12/13 tl), Mills 23, Harden 20. Rebounds: Durant 10. Assist: Harden 9.

Minnesota: Russell 21 (6/22, 3/10 da tre, 6/6 tl), Reid 19, Edwards 19. Rimbalzi: Vanderbilt 15. Assist: Russell 11.

atlanta-philadelphia 96-98

A Danilo Gallinari with 18 points, 8 rebounds, 3 assists and +11 plus / minus to the Atlanta Hawks (12-11) is not enough to overcome the very tough Philadelphia 76ers (12-11), capable of recovering an accumulated 11-point disadvantage in the final part of the race. Leading the comeback was an extraordinary Joel Embiid (28 points, 12 rebounds, 4 assists and 2 blocks), protagonist of the crucial 98-96 basket that allowed Philly to stretch his hands on the game at 42.8 ” from the siren. A jumper of his, delicate and very soft, made not even 4 meters from the iron. It was then Gallinari himself who had the last chance to rewrite the ending but his triple did not find the bottom of the retina. In the Hawks, “double double” of 25 points and 10 assists for Trae Young.

Atlanta: Young 25 (8/22, 2/5 from three, 7/8 tl), Collins 18, GALLINARI 18 (5/12, 2/5 from three, 6/6 tl). Rebounds: Capela 11. Assist: Young 10.

Philadelphia: Embiid 28 (10/23, 1/3 of three, 7/8 tl), Curry 18, Niang 13. Rebounds: Embiid 12. Assists: Curry 5.

utah-boston 137-130

A shower of triples hits the Celtics, sinking them. Utah hits even 27, and shooting with 53% from the arc, in fact. Mitchell closes with 34 points, making the lion’s share for the Jazz (15-7) who are under 109-113 in the last quarter after a series of Robert Williams’ baskets, but still know how to have the last word in a match very high score. Boston (12-11) loses by shooting over 51% away, with Tatum scoring 37 points, but the defense is not that of the best days and Brown’s absence adds a burden for which the green-and-whites pay duty.

Utah: Mitchell 34 (6/8, 6/14 of three, 4/4 tl), Conley 29, Gobert 18. Rebounds: Gobert 12. Assists: Conley 7.

Boston: Tatum 37 (10/14, 2/11 da tre, 11/11 tl), Schroeder 26, Horford 21. Rimbalzi: Tatum/Horford 6. Assist: Horford 9.

dallas-new orleans 91-107

Et voilà, the surprise is served. Two days after losing 32 points with the Mavs, the Pelicans (7-18) know how to take a thunderous revenge. They dominate the third quarter 35-20 and go to Texas dragged by Ingram: 24 points, 12 assists and 8 rebounds. For Doncic 21 points, but shooting 7/20 and with 7 turnovers compared to 7 assists. The Mavericks (11-10) were once again without Porzingis, this time sidelined by a bruised left knee. The absence was felt in rebound: 42 against 54, Valanciunas and Hernangomez have pulled down 25 in two.

Dallas: Doncic 21 (7/14, 0/6 of three, 7/9 tl), Brunson 16, Kleber 13. Rebounds: Doncic 10. Assists: Doncic 7.

New Orleans: Ingram 24 (6/16, 1/4 of three, 9/11 tl), Valanciunas 14, Graham / Jones 13. Rebounds: Hernangomez 14. Assist: Ingram 12.

indiana-miami 104-113

Despite the heavy absences of Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler, Miami (14-9) interrupts the negative streak, wins in Indianapolis and offers important answers, both from the point of view of individuals and of the collective. It was the match of the triples, 16 in total for the Heat (47.1% from the arc), and the mental recovery of Duncan Robinson (24 points, 7/11 shooting, 4/7 from three), finished in a dangerous involution technique in the last period. Overflowing Kyle Lowry with 26 points (6/13 from the arc) and 9 assists, true leader in every little detail, well backed in backcourt by Tyler Herro (18 points). Also important was the contribution of Gabe Vincent, who signed 12 points and 4 assists off the bench, in addition to the significant triple of the 113-101 Heat at 30 ” from the siren. Fourth consecutive defeat for the Indiana Pacers (9-16), less incisive in defense and not very lucid in the final. Best performance of the season for Caris LeVert with 27 points shooting 8/16 from the field and 10/11 from the line.

Indiana: LeVert 27 (8/16, 1/5 of three, 10/11 tl), Turner 20, Duarte 15. Rebounds: Sabonis 16. Assist: Brogdon 7.

Miami: Lowry 26 (9/18, 6/13 from three, 2/2 tl), Robinson 24, Herro, 18. Rebounds: Dedmon 6. Assists: Lowry 9.

washington-cleveland 101-116

Fourth consecutive victory for the Cleveland Cavaliers (13-10) and yet another important performance by the boys trained by JB Bickerstaff, always able to maintain a reassuring advantage against Washington (14-9), demonstrating personality and organization. The success of the Cavs matured already in the 2nd period, before assuming exaggerated dimensions (even +36) after the interval. Splendid performances by Darius Garland (32 points, 10 assists and 8 rebounds) and Jarrett Allen (28 points, 13 rebounds and 2 blocks).

Washington: Avdija 16 (6/10, 3/6 of three, 1/1 tl), Beal 14, Neto 13. Rebounds: Harrell 8. Assist: Neto 4.

Cleveland: Garland 32 (11/17, 5/6 and three, 5/5 tl), Allen 28, Markkanen 15. Rimbalzi: Allen 13. Assist: Garland 10.

houston-orlando 118-116

Fifth consecutive win for the Rockets (6-16). This time he arrives at the photofinish, with Eric Gordon’s final reach basket with 1.6 ”left to play. Cole Anthony’s reply from 3 to the siren misses the basket. The Magic (5-19) have lost 8 of their last 9 games, have the second worst record in the league, only better than that of Detroit.

Houston: Gordon 24 (6/8, 4/6 da tre), Wood 20. Matthews 16. Rimbalzi: Wood 14. Assist: Porter 6.

Orlando: Anthony (7/11, 3/9 of three, 3/3 tl), Ross 18, Wagner 17. Rebounds: Carter 16. Assists: Anthony 7.

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LeBron returns but Lakers ko. Rooster and Hawks, what a mockery with Philadelphia