Morant darkens LeBron, Bulls unstoppable. The results of the Nba night

Ja with 41 points drags Memphis to success despite James’s 37. Chicago and Utah in their fifth consecutive victory. Thrilling final in Sacramento-Dallas

Davide Chinellato


The great duel between Ja Morant and LeBron James in Memphis-Lakers is the showcase of the NBA night. But much more has happened, from the victories in Chicago and Utah which are confirmed as the race for the success of Phoenix over Oklahoma City signed by 38 points by Devin Booker. The program should also have included San Antonio-Miami, but it became the 10th match postponed for Covid.

Memphis Grizzlies-Los Angeles Lakers 104-99

LeBron had prepared a nice birthday party in advance: 37 points (above 30 for the sixth match in a row, all shooting with at least 50% from the field), 8 triples to target, new career high, his Lakers who for three quarters they play big again. King James, however, did not deal with Ja Morant, still extraordinary with 41 points and 10 rebounds to lead Memphis to a comeback from -14 which gives the Grizzlies (22-14) the second win in a row, and condemns the Lakers (17 -19) to the 6th knockout in the last 7 games. “When Ja plays like this, there is almost nothing you can do to stop him,” said LeBron, visibly disappointed after the match and with the last possession still in his eyes, that misunderstanding with Malik Monk who with 6 “to go he prevented the Lakers, under 102-99, from looking for a triple in extra time. For the team coached once again by David Fizdale it is a step behind the victory in Houston, despite LeBron and Russell Westbrook’s third consecutive triple double (16-10-12). Los Angeles was in control before the 12-3 with which Memphis made it to the third buzzer under 83-78, then they surrendered to Morant’s blows as the attack imploded, scoring just 16 points. For Memphis this success is confirmation that Jenkins’ team has what it takes to be great. And that Morant is a star.

Memphis:Morant 41 (7/16 of two, 6/7 of three, 9/12 free throws), Bane 20, Jackson 15. Rebounds: Morant 10. Assists: Jones 7.

LA Lakers: James 37 (5/11, 8/14, 3/3 tl), Westbrook 16, Monk 15. Rimbalzi: James 13. Assist: Westbrook 12.

Chicago Bulls-Atlanta Hawks 131-117

There is no match at the United Center, as expected. Chicago (22-10) demolishes Atlanta (15-19) and takes the fifth victory in five games after the stoppage for Covid. All as expected, though: Atlanta has only 4 players on its regular roster, Trae Young (best with 26 points and 11 assists), Clint Capela (18 and 15 rebounds), Cam Reddish and the two-way Skylar May. The others are all replacements, necessary to play given the 12 players in the protocol. For the Bulls, also arrived at +27 thanks to 61.9% shooting, in addition to the usual Zach LaVine (25 points) and DeMar DeRozan (20), Nikola Vucevic (20 rebounds) and play Coby White (17 points with 12 assists), starter awaiting the return of Lonzo Ball, in the protocol with 4 others.

Chicago: LaVine 25 (5/8, 5/7), DeRozan 20, White 17. Rimbalzi: Vucevic 20. Assist: White 12.

Atlanta: Young 26 (8/16, 2/7, 4/4 tl), Capela 18, Brown 16. Rebounds: Capela 15. Assist: Young 11.

Boston Celtics-Los Angeles Clippers 82-91

Eric Bledsoe, with 10 of his 17 points in the fourth quarter, is the hero of the Clippers’ (18-17) pride win in Boston (16-19). Without Paul George and with 3 players in the protocol, the Clippers kept the Celtics at 34.7% from the field, feeding on Marcus Morris’ 23 points in attack and in the very tight fourth period of those of Bledsoe. The Celtics, who have Jayson Tatum and 5 others in the protocol, are on the 3rd knockout in a row: Jaylen Brown put in 30 points, but also shot 1/13 from three. The best was Robert Williams, 16 points, 14 rebounds and an endless commitment.

Boston:Brown 30 (12/23, 1/13, 3/5 tl), Williams 16, Horford 9. Rimbalzi: Williams 14. Assist: Horford 8.

LA Clippers:Morris 23 (9/16, 0/5, 5/6 tl), Mann 17, Kennard 17, Bledsoe 17. Rimbalzi: Zubac 14. Assist: Bledsoe 4, Kennard 4.

Phoenix Suns-Oklahoma City Thunder 115-97

It is more complicated than expected, but with a great fourth period Phoenix (27-7) breaks the resistance of Oklahoma City (12-22) and returns to win after two defeats. The hero is Devin Booker, a devastating 38-point hammer who supports the weight of the attack by the Suns, who close with 6 players in double figures and Cameron Payne who from the bench adds +30 to 16 points and 7 assists with him on the field . Oklahoma City led 75-72 with 4 minutes left in the third period, then the Suns changed gear and never looked back.

Phoenix: Booker 38 (6/12, 6/12, 8/10 tl), McGee 16, Payne 16. Rimbalzi: Smith 14. Assist: Payne 7.

Oklahoma City:Jerome 24 (8/16, 1/6, 5/6 tl), Wiggins 22, Muscala 13. Rimbalzi: Jerome 8, Wiggins 8. Assist: Jerome 5.

Portland Trail Blazers-Utah Jazz 105-120

Another dominant victory for Utah (25-9), the fifth consecutive, another bad defeat for Portland (13-21), the third in a row despite Damian Lillard again above 30 points (fifth time in the last 7 games), the 32 points by Normann Powell and the good performance of Larry Dance (14-9-9). The Blazers, however, have 7 players in the protocol, in addition to coach Billups, and their absence has been felt. Jazz (for the second match in a row without the injured Donovan Mitchell) ahead from start to finish, dominant in the second half and with 59 points off the bench.

Portland: Lillard 32 (5/9, 5/14, 7/10 tl), Powell 32 (9/14, 4/9, 6/6 tl), Nance 14. Rimbalzi: Nance 9. Assist: Nance 9.

Utah: Gobert 22 (8/10, 6/12 tl), Gay 21, Clarkson 19. Rebounds: Gobert 14. Assist: Conley 6.

Sacramento Kings-Dallas Mavericks 95-94

Three seconds to play, De’Aaron Fox sinks the blow into the opponent’s defense, unloads in the corner where Chimezie Metu is free. And, despite threesomes with 24.1% this season, he doesn’t think twice about shooting and hitting the center. This is how Sacramento (15-21) takes a crazy home victory over Dallas, the second in a row for the men of Alvin Gentry, a coach who this time can be proud of his team. The Mavs, with Luka Doncic and others still stopped for Covid, fall for the third time in the last 4 games.

Sacramento: Fox 16 (7/11, 0/1, 2/4 tl), Barnes 14, Mitchell 14. Rimbalzi: Metu 8. Assist: Haliburton 10.

Dallas:Brunson 25 (9/17, 2/2, 1/1 tl), Porzingis 24, Finney-Smith 11. Rimbalzi: Porzingis 7. Assist: Brunson 6.

Detroit Pistons-New York Knicks 85-94

Under 14 to 3 ‘from the end of the third quarter, New York (17-18) thanks to reserves rediscovers its attack and breaks through Detroit (5-28) for the third win in a row, fifth in the last 7 races. The hero is Burks, 19 of his 34 points in the last quarter with only reserves on the pitch for the Knicks comeback: in the final 15 ‘they scored 42 points against 52 in the first 33’. The makeshift Pistons, with 7 players in the protocol, had 63 of their 85 from Saddiq Bey (32 and 9 rebounds) and Hamidou Diallo (31 with 13) but in the last quarter they shot 2/16 from the field.

Detroit: Bey 32 (3/6, 6/13, 8/8 tl), H. Diallo 31, Walton 8. Rebounds: H. Diallo 13. Assists: Walton 9.

New York:Burks 34 (7/9, 5/8 5/5 tl), Quickly 18, Barrett 15. Rimbalzi: Randle 10. Assist: Randle 5.

Indiana Pacers-Charlotte Hornets 108-116

With Rozier (35 points, seasonal maximum) in Scary Terry version and LaMelo Ball who stops at an assist from the triple double (21 points, 12 rebounds, 9 assists), Charlotte (19-17) wins Indiana (14-21) and takes the third win in a row. The Hornets led practically the whole match, even escaping at +18 in the first half and then keeping Indiana’s comeback at bay, dangerous in the fourth period. The Pacers collect the second knockout in a row despite Caris LeVert’s 27 points and Domantas Sabonis’s 15 with 18 rebounds and 7 assists.

Indiana:LeVert 27 (4/11, 4/12, 7/9 tl), Sabonis 15, Turner 14. Rimbalzi: Sabonis 18. Assist: Sabonis 7.

Charlotte:Rozier 35 (8/14, 5/9, 4/7 tl), Ball 21, Hayward 18. Rimbalzi: Plumlee 12, Ball 12. Assist: Plumlee 9.

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Morant darkens LeBron, Bulls unstoppable. The results of the Nba night