Bonucci top scorer: “Penalty in blue? Ready to throw them, but the penalty taker is Jorginho “

The Juve defender in his first two goals in his career: “If he had asked me I would have shot him without problems. What if it is needed in the future? I will definitely be there “

“A week ago the penalty taker was Jorginho, it was right that he shot him”. The first brace in his career Leonardo Bonucci, Juventus captain (without Chiellini and Dybala) despite the summer querelle-divertissement on the wing, celebrates it with a penalty in presence number 402 in Serie A. Two out of two from the spot, as a true penalty shooter, that’s how it is It is inevitable that the mind goes to Jorginho’s mistaken penalty against Switzerland who have kept Italy out of the World Cup in Qatar for now. “If he had asked me, I would have shot it without problems, but he was the penalty taker, so that’s right. We have to think about working day by day to get to March in our best shape ”. And if it were necessary to throw him in the blue in the future, is Bonucci there? “Surely”.

Who scores

Juve penalty keeper in the absence of Dybala, Bonucci has three seasonal penalties drawn and scored after the one in the 3-2 against Sampdoria. Before, in his career, he had only hit the 1-1 penalty against Germany in the quarter-finals of Euro 2016 (then eroded by the wrong penalty a few minutes later, among those that cost the elimination on penalties at the time). The fact that no defender has scored more goals than him since 2010 (27) is a source of pride. The fact that with three goals in the season, including the penalty at Sampdoria, he is the top scorer of the Juve championship in cohabitation with Dybala is a reason for reflection: “We created some important situations also with the forwards, I remember Morata in the first half and Kean in the second – Bonucci said to Dazn’s microphones -: they do a great job then the important thing is to bring home the victory, then if the attackers or defenders score the important thing is to score, I’m sure we will acquire more determination, malice and self-confidence “.

Zero goals conceded

But Leonardo Bonucci is a defender by trade and for the second match in a row in the league after Fiorentina (he was on the bench) Juve finished without goals conceded. Certainly the absence of Immobile has to do with it, but the data of only two shots allowed and only one in the mirror of the goal is effective: according to the data Opta was the 150th Serie A match with him on the pitch for the entire match in which his team did not concede a goal: “It was a fundamental victory, after the break they are always difficult matches, but we know that with this approach to the match and spirit of sacrifice, the matches depend on us, we were good at conceding little to Lazio, score two goals and take home the three points – concludes Bonucci -. When you are Juve and you follow the path we made at the beginning, it is right to take criticism but they just have to give us the incentive to improve. We have shown in the big games that you bring the results home with a certain spirit. So it’s up to us to keep the spirit of tonight from here on out ”.

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Bonucci top scorer: “Penalty in blue? Ready to throw them, but the penalty taker is Jorginho ”