Juve, a breath of fresh air: wins 2-0 in Salerno with Dybala and Morata

One goal per time and the bianconeri win again. In the recovery the Argentine misses a penalty in a sensational way

Atalanta had recently scored 4, Fiorentina 3, just to clarify. But Juve are not there this time, and after the two defeats in a row with Chelsea and Atalanta at Arechi comes the 2-0 victory against Salernitana. Dybala scores his fourth goal, baptizing the match after 21 minutes, Morata doubles, on the pitch for four minutes, who at 70 ‘sets the result and returns to scoring after more than two months, confirming himself relentless against the newly promoted (this is his ninth network in 18 challenges). And yet Joya clumsily misses the 3-0, slipping at the moment of the penalty shot and wheeling the shot over the crossbar. Salernitana, last in the standings, is confirmed allergic to Arechi: this season she has lost six of the eight home matches. The bianconeri thus remain attached to Fiorentina, and always at – 7 from the Champions area.

Dybala, the third time is the good one

In his 19th formation in 19 races, Allegri fielded Chiellini alongside De Ligt, with Pellegrini on the left to let Alex Sandro catch his breath. Outside Chiesa and McKennie, as well as Danilo and De Sciglio, in midfield the flanks are entrusted to Kulusevski and Bernardeschi, with Bentancur alongside Locatelli. Forward there are Dybala and Kean, preferred to Morata. Salernitana responds with a buttoned-up formation, with Bonazzoli ready, however, to take advantage of some Juventus mistake in disengagement. It is the bianconeri who play the game, dictating the timing and methods of the match. The first few minutes are crackling, with two shots from Dybala and one from Kulusevski to make people believe that the race could be downhill. Then the Campanians find the distances and Juve lowers the laps, returning to be a predictable and cumbersome team. The Juventus maneuver for long minutes becomes stagnant and dotted with back passes, Simy tests Szczesny’s attention, turning to the edge of the pole, but outside, a cross from Kechrida. Then Dybala thinks about shaking up the game: at 21 ‘he intercepts a pass from Locatelli and throws a triangle with Kulusevski on the edge. His left this time does not forgive: it is the 1-0 in favor of Juve. Seven minutes later Allegri’s team is doubled, with Chiellini in tap-in after the post rejects a free-kick from Cuadrado. But after a check the referee Fourneau canceled for an offside by Kean at the moment of the set-kick. The Campanians strengthen the defense, Juve struggles to find spaces but has no alternative to the search for doubling. The ball turns a little faster but not always accurate, and the first half ends on the result of minimal advantage.

Morata is back, two and a half months later

Juve restarts where it left off, that is, in search of a doubling of serenity. But taking the Campania side by side is practically impossible, and therefore the bianconeri patiently and perseveringly build an offensive maneuver that can bring them together to the limits of the opposing area. The move succeeds, even if then the entrance in the last 16 meters is blocked, and also the shot from distance far from obvious. Dybala and Cuadrado try, aiming is wrong. And instead, in the 58th minute, it is Salernitana who comes close to scoring, with a crossed right from Ranieri who hits the post with Szczesny beaten. Arechi ignites, Juve experiences moments of terror. The match becomes slippery: Juve knows they cannot allow themselves distractions, yet some mistakes in the lightening phase escape, Salernitana is able to close the spaces, but does not give up the sudden lunge. The Djuric-Simy exchange is proof of this. Allegri responds with the alternation between Morata and Kean and that between Alex Sandro and Pellegrini. No sooner said than done, the move turned out to be a winner: in the 70th minute the Spaniard, on the pitch for 4 minutes, signed the 2-0 on an assist from Bernardeschi. His last goal was the goal scored against Milan on 19 September. Dybala looks for the surprise hit, then Belec rejects his shot with a sure shot, and to finish the Argentine shoots high from the spot, in the 94th minute, after a foul by Gyomber on Morata. The time of the official debut of Soulé and Fourneau whistles the end.

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Juve, a breath of fresh air: wins 2-0 in Salerno with Dybala and Morata