Sabatini: “You are signings and the goal is salvation. I am never relegated”

The new granata sporting director, appointed last January 14, spoke today at the presentation press conference: “Being here is not a problem but a privilege. I want to restore joy and dignity. De Rossi? Now he can’t.”

The popular passion of a city that wants to return to live football as a protagonist has already infected him. For those who, like Walter Sabatini, live on emotions, this is already a lot. “It is the first champion we present in Salerno”, said the president of Salernitana, Danilo Iervolino, connected from his office, speaking of the new manager of the technical area of ​​the grenade club.

Between literary quotes and digressions about his life as a footballer and manager, Sabatini has never lost the heart of his new mission. “Being here is not a problem but a privilege. I do not want to go back, I have never relegated, I came to win salvation – he stressed -. Now there is no time to plan, it is a luxury we cannot afford. Now we need to build a team that can aim for the goal, that is, players immediately ready to support the sporting battle, ready to bear an important emotional load because here is a city that wants to save itself. We want to restore joy and dignity. How many players will arrive? At least six to reinforce all departments. Already on Wednesday I hope to close two, three operations to be able to face the next match better, then there will be others. Within eight days, I expect to do a lot. Some young people will also arrive who will be a bridge for a future discourse “.

Sabatini did not close the door to a possible arrival of Fazio, meanwhile, among the problems to be solved there is the one relating to the coach. During the press conference Sabatini recalled some anecdotes related to Delio Rossi (he coached Salernitana in the nineties taking her from C to A) and Gattuso but also reiterated (for now) his trust in Colantuono, the coach who is the current manager in the technical area of ​​Salernitana he started his career as a technician. “I think I have been important in his life, I have affection for him, but now I will evaluate only based on the conviction he will put into it, how the team will play. De Rossi? He is my son but now he cannot train ”.

Sabatini’s idea is to build a strong and experienced team capable of climbing the rankings, of achieving a great feat. Ribery will be one of the leaders, there is the unknown Simy (“he has my esteem but I want to understand what’s wrong”) and Belec (“I want to talk to him first”).


Sabatini has signed an agreement of only six months, but has specified that he is also ready to eventually start over from Serie B. A brief bond just not to affect the club’s programs. Sabatini immediately established a strong, intense relationship with President Iervolino. “His decision won me over, in many years of football I had never met such a motivated manager, who speaks clearly, a pragmatic visionary”, defined him Sabatini who quoted a phrase from the British writer Emily Bronte to describe himself “only the restless know how difficult it is to survive the storm and not be able to live without it ”. And that of Salerno, with a salvation that now seems very distant, is really a storm to face which, however, does not scare Sabatini aware of the difficulties but also of being able to count on the support of a strong and ambitious club and on the passion of the fans. “In Salerno, popular emotion uproots the sequoias”, is the phrase that has already gone viral in a few hours.

Sabatini is back in the saddle when Covid-19 (especially for Salernitana) continues to affect the world of football. “We have to live with it but it’s sad to play like this without knowing who will be available; I would stop the championship for a month waiting to extend the vaccination campaign “. Sabatini’s last thought on his first day in Salernitana is addressed to Dybala and the catchphrase linked to the contract renewal with Juventus. “If he leaves Italy, I too dress in mourning, he is a sublime player, who gives joy to football, to the football of street children. I would be very sorry if he went away ”.

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Sabatini: “You are signings and the goal is salvation. I am never relegated”