F1, Brad Pitt on track with an Apple TV + movie: perhaps a role for Hamilton

The indiscretion of the Deadline site: the American actor will step into the shoes of a retired former pilot, mentor of a young and emerging talent. The participation of the British champion is also possible

Yet another F1 movie will star Brad Pitt. According to the site Deadline, which launched the indiscretion, Apple TV + is in the details to sign an agreement with the US actor of Inglourious Basterds e Once upon a time in … Hollywood. In the feature, Pitt will step into the role of a retired former Formula 1 driver and mentor a young and emerging talent. To then return to the track and receive a mocking defeat from his “pupil”, also his teammate. The Hollywood film has already been planned, but does not yet have a title, a co-star, and a filming start date. The estimated budget for this film is expected to be between 130 and 140 million dollars (115-124 million euros, ed) and a role could also be reserved for Lewis Hamilton, who has already made a cameo in the film Zoolander 2, released in 2016.

F1 film Brad Pitt, Kruger and Kosinksi will write and direct the film

Always second Deadline The film will be written by Ehren Kruger and directed by Joseph Kosinksi, former author of Top Gun: Maverick, with the production of Jerry Bruckheimer. The latter had already worked on another film set in motorsports in 1990: Days of Thunder (Days of Thunder, ed), directed by Tony Scott with Tom Cruise as protagonist, dedicated to the world of Nascar. A great motor enthusiast, Pitt had previously worked with Kosinski, in the preparation of Go Like Hell. However, the project – where Cruise was supposed to be – failed due to lack of budget. Later in 2019 it came out Le Mans ’66 – The great challenge Matt Damon and Christian Bale. Brad was supposed to reprise the figure of Carroll Shelby (played by Damon), in the shots celebrating Ford’s victory over Ferrari at the French 24 Hours.

The other films, series and documentaries about engines out and about

It is not the first, nor probably the last performance on F1. On Netflix, probably in March, the fourth season of Drive to Survive, TV series dedicated to the adventures of the riders in the Circus and which will resume the great battle of 2021 between Verstappen and Hamilton. While the last documentary dedicated to Michael Schumacher was released on September 15th. On the other hand, the news that will land, again on Netflix, another feature film dedicated to the Circus, entitled The Formula, with Robert De Niro and John Boyega. Last year it went on the air The Crew, story that focuses on the daily life of a leading team in Nascar. On F1, respectively in 2010 and 2013, they also came out Rush – which traces the historic battle between Niki Lauda and James Hunt in 1976 – e Senna, in-depth documentary dedicated to the three-time McLaren champion.

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F1, Brad Pitt on track with an Apple TV + movie: perhaps a role for Hamilton