Hamilton: “I live with the terror of Covid. Russell? I wish he were the next English champion”

The seven-time F1 champion at the German site Auto Motor und Sport: “The virus? I hold my breath when they talk to me, too many riders take it lightly. The disease was the worst moment of my life “

“The duel with Max? Special. In my career I have already fought against other world champions, and all the duels have been unique in their own way ”. Lewis Hamilton is focused on the F1 season finale, ready for the title duel against Verstappen, despite the eight points behind him with two GPs left in the season. However, what worries him most is Covid, which already hit him in 2020 before the Bahrain GP-bis, valid as the penultimate round of the last championship: “More than the duels on the track, the greatest pressure for me comes from the pandemic – added English to the site Auto Motor and Sport – Isolation and insecurity in relating to people make a monumental difference. Last year the season was more compact and the difficult period lasted only six months, now it’s different ”.

The virus has put a strain on Lewis

This year, in fact, “the rules have been slightly loosened in some areas, but it’s easy to be negligent and get into trouble – added Lewis – My way of relating to others has changed: now I keep my distance from everyone and keep my I breathe when people are around me. I live with a constant fear of the virus, the first half of the season was one of the hardest experiences I have ever faced ”. Now, however, the worst seems to have passed: “I finally feel better, but I had to fight a lot – explains the seven-time world champion – concentrating on the recovery program and training, I used breathing techniques and running almost every day. Thanks to more intense training, I no longer had any problems in the hottest races after the summer break ”.

The distancing as the basis of everything against Covid

Off-piste activities like the one with his ‘Hamilton Commission’ help “take the pressure off racing”, but the distancing for the Englishman must always be at the base, especially if he is playing a World Cup against Verstappen and he cannot risk get the virus: “The people next to me don’t care if they lose a day of work – he added – but for us pilots it would be decisive. I see other athletes who appear very relaxed, and seem to have no particular problems if something happens to them. It’s all very strange to me. Always keep in mind what is going on. Fortunately, most of the meetings are via Zoom and I live alone at home ”.

“The near contact in Brazil? I can’t behave like Max “

Then we move on to victory in the race at Interlagos, which came after starting last in the Sprint Race on Saturday: “The W12 is difficult to configure, Toto called our car a ‘diva’. Now our car is a ‘monstrous diva’ – commented Lewis – In Brazil, the car was exactly where I wanted it to be. We got to the point, managing to do it only once or twice this year ”. A success that came after risking a collision with Verstappen on the Reta Oposta straight: “If I had behaved like Max, staying on the gas, how would it have ended – said Lewis -? I don’t feel great or too good to avoid a fight, I have to be the smart one. Sometimes you can lose points, but I have 2,000 employees behind me. Damaging the car could cost the whole team the bonus in the end-of-year payments. And then the damaged car would have to be repaired ”.

“Russell Future of England”

A final word, Lewis dedicated to his future teammate from Williams, compatriot George Russell: “He is super talented and there is already a lot of mutual respect – concluded Lewis – He will certainly be fast and will want to win. As my teammate, when I have none left, I would like to be the next Briton to win the World Championship. I hope our relationship in the team is positive, from the time we spend time with the engineers, to the vision of the data or how to drive on the track.

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Hamilton: “I live with the terror of Covid. Russell? I wish he were the next English champion”