Hamilton wins the crazy Arabian GP ahead of Verstappen. The title is decided in Abu Dhabi

Crazy race in Jeddah: the English gives life to a fierce duel with the Dutch (even a rear-end collision) who is second. Lewis recovers all 8 points of disadvantage and the World Cup will be decided next Sunday. Third Bottas. Ferrari seventh and eighth

Giusto Ferronato

It was perhaps one of the most chaotic, controversial and tense GPs in F1 history. It went as the organizers of the top flight had dreamed, with Lewis Hamilton winning, setting the fastest lap and Max Verstappen second. This means that the two super rivals are on equal points in the standings (369.5), with one race to go, the Abu Dhabi GP which takes place next Sunday: whoever finishes with one point more than the other will be world champion. . But the way in which the scenario is outlined is unbelievable, with accidents, red flags, decisions of the race direction evidently not serene due to the effects they could have in favor of one or the other side, even a collision between the two rivals. A crazy GP, finished with the third place of Valtteri Bottas in front of Esteban Ocon’s Alpine. Fifth Daniel Ricciardo ahead of Pierre Gasly and the two Ferraris of Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz. Ninth Antonio Giovinazzi, tenth Lando Norris.

The first way

And to think that at the start everything went smoothly in turn 1, with Hamilton good at keeping first position and Bottas even better at keeping Verstappen in third position, helping his teammate well. Leclerc kept fourth place from Perez’s attack. Then to follow Norris, Ocon, Gasly, Ricciardo, Alonso and Giovinazzi, with Sainz 13th gaining a couple of positions. The group gradually fell apart, with Hamilton, Bottas and Verstappen immediately taking an advantage over Leclerc and Perez. Behind, two good overtakes by Giovinazzi and Sainz against Alonso must be recorded on lap 7 and lap 8. Hamilton and Bottas, with a free track, pressed on the accelerator and Verstappen in 9 laps found himself at 3 ”8.

Trouble begins

Then on lap 10 there is the highly announced Safety Car, lined up for a bang on the barriers of Schumacher’s Haas, which came out at the same point as Leclerc in Friday’s free practice. It was a key moment as Hamilton and Bottas stopped for tire changes like Leclerc, Perez, Norris, Alonso and Latifi, while Verstappen decided to stay on track with his medium tire, followed by Mercedes with hard tires. A risk by Red Bull that after a few laps turned incredibly in favor of the Dutchman, because on lap 14 the race direction displayed the red flag. The reason? The need to repair Schumacher’s damaged barriers. But so the race was overturned: everyone in the pits and Verstappen was able to replace the tires as first. For the anger of the Mercedes

The second departure

After 22 minutes, a new start on the grid with Verstappen on pole in front of the Mercedes. And new emotions because Hamilton burned Verstappen at the first corner, with the Dutchman who cut the chicane and placed himself in front of the Englishman. Max should definitely have returned the position, but in the rear a new accident involving Perez, Mazepin and Russell caused a second red flag. New departure coming, but with what order of deployment? In an incredible round of radio communications, in fact, the race director Michael Masi offered Red Bull to start second behind Hamilton, receiving in response to accept to start second but behind Ocon, who at the time of the red flag was in front of Hamilton. In the end the compromise: grid with Ocon on pole ahead of Hamilton and Verstappen, after another 20 minutes of waiting.

Third route to the Max

And in this third start we witnessed one of the most spectacular moments of this very tight world championship: we are talking about the start at Verstappen, who took advantage of the left side of the track left open by Hamilton and slipped like a hawk, taking the first position while Lewis agreed to Ocon, who also slightly damaged his front wing. A sensational shot, with Hamilton not seeming exceptional, but perhaps not even expecting a similar invention from Max. Lewis freed himself on lap 18 of Ocon and set off in pursuit of his rival and it was a two-way story, given that Ocon in 7 laps found himself in a moment at 15 seconds. A Virtual Safety Car called to remove the debris of an accident between Tsunoda and Vettel further slowed down the games, resumed on lap 34, with Hamilton attacking Verstappen and Ocon 20 seconds behind Ricciardo, Bottas, Gasly, Giovinazzi, Sainz and Leclerc.

Crazy tension

A world championship and a race like this could not but still give tension. And so it was. On lap 37 Hamilton’s attack on the straight and Verstappen’s reaction on curve 1, a defense at the limit that ended under investigation, with Max extending the braking, causing both of them to go off the line. After a few laps the order to return the position, with Verstappen slowing down in the middle of the track and Hamilton colliding with him, ruining the front wing. For the episode Verstappen was then penalized by 10 seconds at the end of the race because the analysis of the telemetry resulted in an excessive slowdown.

The grand finale

Hamilton justified himself not having understood that at that moment Verstappen was slowing down to return the position. Bated breath and incredible tension in the two rival pits. Then on lap 43 Hamilton passed Verstappen who passed him using the Drs. But at that moment Verstappen’s 5 second penalty for exiting the track in turn 1. Hamilton this time took the position and never let it go. Everything is decided in Abu Dhabi. And from what we have seen today, maybe they could just run the two of them.

GP Arabia, order of arrival

This is the arrival order of the Arabian GP:

1. Hamilton (Mercedes) 50 giri in 1h55’18”115
2. Verstappen (Red Bull) a 11”825
3. Bottas (Mercedes) a 27 ”531
4. Ocon (Alpine) a 27”633
5. Ricciardo (McLaren) at 40 ”121
6. Gasly (Alphatauri) a 41”613
7. Leclerc (Ferrari) a 44”475
8. Sainz (Ferrari) at 46 ”606
9. Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo) at 58 ”505
10. Norris (McLaren) a 1’01”358
11. Stroll (Aston Martin) a 1’17”212
12. Latifi (Williams) a 1’23”249
13. Alonso (Alpine) 1 lap
14. Tsoda (Alphatauri) a 1 giro
15. Raikkonen (Alfa Romeo) at 1 turn
16. Vettel (Aston Martin) laughs.
17. Perez (Red Bull) rit.
18. Mazepin (Hare) ride.
19. Russell (Williams) rit.
20. Schumacher (Haas) rit.

World rankings

This is the drivers’ classification of the F1 world championship:

1. Verstappen (Ola) punti 369.5
2. Hamilton (GB) 369.5
3. Bottas (Fin) 218
4. Perez (Month) 190
5. Leclerc (Mon) 158
6. Norris (GB) 154
7. Sainz Jr (Spa) 149.5
8. Ricciardo (Aus) 115
9. Gasly (Fra) 100
10. Alonso (Spa) 77
11. Ocon (Fra) 72
12. Vettel (Ger) 43
13. Stroll (Can) 34
14. Tsunoda (Gia) 20
15. Russell (GB) 16
16. Raikkonen (Fin) 10
17. Latifi (Can) 7
18. Giovinazzi (Ita) 3

1. Mercedes points 587.5
2. Red Bull 559,5
3. Ferrari 307,5
4. McLaren 269
5. Alpine 149
6. AlphaTauri 120
7. Aston Martin 77
8. Williams 23
9. Alfa Romeo 13
10. Haas 0

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Hamilton wins the crazy Arabian GP ahead of Verstappen. The title is decided in Abu Dhabi