Massa bewitched by Hamilton: “I see him very strong in the last three races”

The Brazilian comments on the Interlagos race and praises the race of the Englishman from Mercedes: “The turning point with the comeback in the sprint race. Sunday was different from Mexico “

Andrea Cremonesi

Felipe Massa also enjoyed watching the show staged on Sunday on his Interlagos by Lewis Hamilton, the driver who took away the joy of the World Championship in 2008.

Massa, do you think the Interlagos feat could be a psychological advantage for Hamilton in the fight with Verstappen?

“From this point of view everything has changed. I had seen Hamilton very low after Mexico. Looking the Mercedes men in the face it seemed to me that they were giving up a bit. But here in Brazil the situation was reversed. The key was the Sprint. Race: he started last – something he didn’t expect – Lewis started that incredible comeback and, as he got out of the car, he heard the Brazilians cheering for him. That heat made him feel at home. And on Sunday he had a race to take off. the hat. I see him very strong for the last few races, he has nothing to lose and he has taken the right attitude the one who says “let’s do our best and see what happens”.

And what is your opinion of Verstappen?

“He too had a good race, the best he could compared to Hamilton’s pace.”

You are an Interlagos specialist, three pole and two wins: you can judge Hamilton’s overtaking better than anyone else.

“Incredible. But the one outside on Perez was also good. Then the fight with Verstappen who cleverly pushed him out.”

“No, I agree with the commissioners because he did a clean job. He didn’t commit any violent maneuvers to throw Hamilton out, he just opened his shoulder a little. And that’s what we want to see, right?”.

How much will the mileage of the engine count in the last three GPs?

“I don’t know, but it may be that a new engine in this situation makes a difference, we saw how strong Mercedes was on the straight against Honda, so much so that Red Bull complained. But it will also depend on how the cars are doing. they will marry on the next tracks. In Interlagos, in the first and third sectors, speed counts a lot “.

Of the next three leads, two are unknown.

“Yes, but the teams work on the simulator and drivers like Lewis and Max take ten laps to learn them. We have to discover Qatar and Jeddah who looks like a citizen and we know how strong Red Bull is on this type of track; then there will be Abu Dhabi has long straights but also a sector, the last one, like Monaco “.

Who do you think will help their team boss more between Bottas and Perez?

“Perez has been growing lately. On Sunday he had no luck because the Virtual Safety car made him lose his position on Bottas. The latter only shone in the Sprint Race and I’m afraid the team has turned their backs on him a bit.”

How difficult is it to run “separated at home”?

“It depends on the driver’s mind. I had Ferrari in my heart and I gave my all until the last lap. Valtteri is a serious professional and I’m sure he will even try to win. He also needs it for the future”.

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Massa bewitched by Hamilton: “I see him very strong in the last three races”