Mercedes surrenders: “No appeal for Abu Dhabi”. Verstappen champion

Official statement from the Hamilton and Wolff team: “The rules on the Safety Car conditioned the result but we will be constructive with the FIA ​​for the future. Deep respect for Verstappen and Red Bull “

With a long press release, the Mercedes Amg F1 announces that it will not make further appeals against the verdicts of the 2021 F1 World Championship. The team of Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff definitively recognizes the victory of Max Verstappen after the Abu Dhabi GP on 12 December.

the letter

The Mercedes press release is aimed at F1 and fans, to underline the “inclusive” and “constructive” nature of the letter. But the first words are quite harsh: “We left Abu Dhabi in disbelief at what we had seen. Of course, losing is part of the game, but it’s different if you end up losing faith in racing ”. Then the admission that he had involved Hamilton himself in deciding how to proceed: because Lewis, after his initial discouragement, was the first and most chivalrous in recognizing the victory of Red Bull’s rival. “In concert with Lewis, we pondered at length how to replicate at the Abu Dhabi final. We have always let ourselves be guided by the love for this sport and we think that every competition must be won with merit, on the pitch. In the Abu Dhabi race, many, including us, felt that things had not developed in the right way “. And then the crux of the matter: “After the race we filed an official protest because the rules regarding the Safety Car were applied in a completely new way that ended up affecting the result of the race, after Lewis had been in the lead for a long time. and he was in the running to win the World Cup ”.

mercedes, no appeal

After reiterating that the appeal had been presented in the name of “transparency and clarity of the rules in sport”, Mercedes underlined that it had established, from that moment, a “constructive dialogue with the FIA ​​so that each competitor has a clear in the future the rules governing racing “. This is why the team has pleasantly agreed with the creation of a commission that works to improve the rules and decision-making processes within F1 races, “and we gladly accept the fact that teams and drivers have been invited to take part in the works of the commission “. “We give credit to the FIA ​​for the process undertaken, and for this reason we withdraw all appeals”. This is the end of the 2021 World Cup.

messages to verstappen and hamilton

The final part of the long letter is dedicated to the individual protagonists. “To Max Verstappen and Red Bull our sincere respect for the great results of 2021. You have contributed to making the fight for the F1 World Championship truly epic. We hope to renew the duel on the track next year ”. And the homage to the two Mercedes drivers could not be missing. The first for Hamilton: “You are the greatest driver in F1 history”; the other for Valtteri Bottas, who leaves to go to Alfa Romeo and will be replaced by George Russell: “Thank you for your remarkable contribution to the history of motorsport”. Before closing with a thank you “to the women and men of the Mercedes Amg F1 team”, fundamental in the greatest result ever achieved by an F1 team in history, 8 Constructors’ World Championships in a row: “In a word, beautiful”. Despite losing on the track, this time too Mercedes has found a way to win.

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Mercedes surrenders: “No appeal for Abu Dhabi”. Verstappen champion