Verstappen with his head down: “I want the World Championship, I’m not racing against Hamilton”

The Red Bull Dutchman at the Jeddah GP conference: “Fast track but we don’t know what the balance of power will be. My hobbies? Whatever you do in the water “

Here we are, Max Verstappen is about to play the first match point for the 2021 F1 World Championship. The Saudi Arabian GP on the rookie Jeddah circuit, arrives with the Dutchman +8 over Lewis Hamilton. But the Red Bull driver shows the usual glacial concentration. “I am racing for the World Championship, not against Lewis or Mercedes”.

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Verstappen says he doesn’t think about the fact that it’s really a match point: “I’m very ‘neutral’ about the things around me, I don’t think about what can happen. The team is motivated, we know it’s a great opportunity for us, we want to be competitive but for now it’s all relative and theoretical. I still can’t say what the strength relationship with Mercedes will be like on this track. The circuit is a big question mark, we will try to give our best, but nobody really knows how the cars will behave on a new circuit, before trying it ”. And finally, a thought that speaks volumes about how Verstappen is focused: “Beat Mercedes? We have been trying for many years, every year of their domination, but if we win this year it will be good for us, not because we will have beaten the others. I think winning a World Cup is a great result for anyone, even for those who have already won. Against Mercedes like Germany-Holland in football? No, if I thought this I would be narrow-minded. F1 is not football, football is not F1, people from all over the world are involved here who work for different teams. Fighting with Lewis is important because it helps to improve, and I believe this fight is good for the sport. However it ends, I think it will have been a good season for both of us ”.

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They ask Max if a clash between him and Hamilton would weigh more on Lewis in terms of the standings, but Verstappen immediately erases the shadows: “I don’t think about a contact or an accident, I’m here to do my best on the track, going fast during the race” . Valtteri Bottas, Mercedes driver and alongside Verstappen during the conference, underlines the words of the rival Red Bull: “Each of us runs for the team, we are F1 professionals, none of us are looking for contact, it does not exist, our attitude is always of great professionalism “. In fact, Verstappen looks definitely further: “Playing the World Championship is more fun than stressful, in 2020 I got bored, it’s not easy when only one team is clearly stronger than the others. Whatever happens, 2021 will be a satisfying season for Red Bull. I’m certainly more competitive now than at the beginning of my career, in this with Lewis I think there is a difference because I think that after a certain age experience doesn’t make all this difference, at 35 you don’t have much less experience than at 40, to say”.

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A young fan asks Max what his hobbies are outside of F1: “Well … My job is not that it leaves too much space for hobbies, I’ll be honest. I would say that I like playing the simulator and then I love water activities. Going boating or surfing, to say, doesn’t make much difference, I like everything in the water ”.

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Verstappen with his head down: “I want the World Championship, I’m not racing against Hamilton”