Go all out! Comeback tears from Zonk’s dad Jörg Draeger!

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Gaming has a TV home again! After almost 20 years, Zonk’s dad Jörg Draeger (76) returned to television with the cult show “Go on the whole!”. Much was as before, only with co-moderator Daniel Boschmann (41) there was a new assistant.

The opening sequence on Friday evening: pure TV nostalgia!

Before the actual start, Draeger was seen sitting in the locker room. In front of him were old photos of “Go all out!”, Next to him was a life-size Zonk. Draeger muttered: “Incredible. Will people recognize me after all this time? ”

And how!

First, Daniel Boschmann opened the show after the intro. The same as in 1992 when the show started. The audience: a bit more fashionable than 30 years ago. But otherwise everything is well known: the audience with name tags and even one or the other original costume was there.

Then came Draeger’s moment!

Boschmann moderated his idol: “Pens out, now television history is being written. Ladies and gentlemen, the man in the magic jacket, the legend is back. This man has tried two decades for this evening and is fulfilling a lifelong dream. “

Draeger entered the studio with the Zonk – standing ovations! Draeger stood flabbergasted on the show stairs, said: “I don’t want to cry!”

Jörg Draeger let his emotions run free and tears rolled downPhoto: Sat1

But the comeback moment overwhelmed him, his eyes got wet. Draeger had to take off his glasses and wipe away his tears, take a deep breath.

The moderator struggled to calm down: “Thank you for this amazing reception. That was really just gigantic. “

However, Daniel Boschmann was then responsible for the selection of the game candidates and discussions with the partners.

At Draeger's side: moderator Daniel Boschmann

At Draeger’s side: moderator Daniel BoschmannPhoto: Sat1

In the cult games – for example dice, the cult envelopes or the fight for the three winning goals – Draeger showed that as a TV dinosaur at 76 he would not even have needed a show civilian. Draeger skilfully moderated minor uncertainties. When he opened the first envelope, he admitted: “I’m still a little shaky.” When an envelope fell, he joked: “Bend over, I just get up so slowly!”

But the show master Draeger lulled his candidates unmistakably like in the past, talked them to their necks, confused them, brought them to their gaming limits!

“If I give you 400 euros and you go home, is that okay? 500? 600? 700? 1000? ”In addition the usual shouts from the audience:“ No! ”,“ Yes! ”,“ Money! ”.

Draeger also mastered the wonderful psychological tricks as he did 20 years ago: “You mustn’t think that just because I put so much coal on the table there is nothing in the envelope.” With a microphone in hand in front of his chest and a dachshund look he almost got the candidates to believe him: “Guys, I don’t want to hurt you, damn hoe.”

The famous red Zonk was of course there too

Of course, the famous red Zonk was also there when the cult show came backPhoto: Frank Hempel/SAT.1

When throwing the dice with the cleaner Silke from Lingen, Draeger was in top form: “How long and how often do you have to clean for 1250 euros?” Draeger peeked under the dice cup, grimaced: “Go home with it. Listen, 1250 euros is a lot of coal! ”

The candidate shrugged her shoulders: “Yes, then I’ll send my husband to work a little more.”

Draeger theatrically got on his knees: “Please, please, stop.”

Silke’s husband in the audience almost went crazy, could hardly see the dissolution. Silke lost, her husband was close to tears. The audience had granted both of them.

Draeger: “Silke, come here. The game was so great! ”

Touched by the moment, Draeger admitted: “I was crying at Daniel’s earlier, now I’m crying again, man.”

TV entertainment can be that simple.

There was also another “big deal” at the end. The candidates were able to bet their previous winnings. Student Selina put the travel voucher she won to the value of 2000 euros.

Draeger whistled into her microphone in a sonorous and unmistakable manner: “Would you like goal 1, ooo, or goal 2, ooo, or goal 3?”

Selina was wrong with her goal and went home without a win. But before the Zonk appeared for her, Draeger had an honest moment: “You’re just stubborn. I need people like that by my side because ‘Go all out!’ is not a benefit show. We have a sympathetic malice about ourselves. You know what to expect. I love him, feed three times a day, never give into someone else’s hands. ”

The first broadcast ended with the Zonk. Again there was a standing ovation for Jörg Draeger.

BILD says: The moderator, the Zonk and relaxed retro gaming must find a permanent home on TV again!

Many viewers also celebrated the return of the cult format:

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Go all out! Comeback tears from Zonk’s dad Jörg Draeger!