Golf, talk Tiger Woods again

Nine months after the dramatic car accident in Los Angeles Tiger Woods is back to talk to Golf Digest about his future and his possible return to the green: “I think I will return to golf but not full time and choosing only a few events. during the year”

A 2021 to forget with a particular date that will be impossible to cancel: last February 23rd Tiger Woods he had been involved in a serious car accident near Los Angeles. Rushed to Cedars Sinai Medical Center, he was discharged after 22 days, reporting multiple fractures in his legs followed by surgery on his ankle and lower right leg: “There was a time when it was damn near the idea of ​​walking out of that hospital with one leg“According to the report, Woods was driving at around 140 km / h in an area where the permitted limit was 72 km / h.

The long rehabilitation at his villa in Florida

After his resignation, a long rehabilitation process began Woods lived in his mega mansion in Florida. First three months in bed, then the wheelchair and finally the crutches that gave him back a freedom of movement that he had lacked more than anything else: “I like to go out and be outside. Sometimes I go on a crutch and lie on the grass for an hour because I want to stay outside. Missing contact with a correctly hit golf ball is one of the best sensations ”.

Possible return to the field on 18 and 19 December

In recent days Woods posted a video – on his social profiles – struggling with the first swings. Now the Californian aims to return to play and amaze. The occasion could be the PNC Championship, a pairs tournament that sees Major champions and champions of the green in the competition alongside exceptional partners such as fathers, mothers, children / and grandchildren. In December 2020 Woods put on a show along with his son Charlie, who stole the show from the champion dad. Woods said the prospect of playing with his 12-year-old son motivated him a lot throughout the process. “SI went to golf tournaments to see him play, he’s doing great even if sometimes he loses his temper and gets angry. Once he learns how to manage it, he will improve even more. ”

In the future still golf but not full time

Tiger Woods has very clear ideas about the future: “There is a lot of hard work to be done, being patient, and progressing at an aggressive but not exaggerated pace. Obviously, when I walk into the gym and run and the endorphins start working, I want to go, go, go, that’s how I’ve managed to win so many tournaments. But then again, everyone reminds me at what cost? In addition to the leg I have had five back operations, when the leg gets stronger, the back can sometimes react. … It is a difficult road. It’s the wear and tear of doing my sport, of trying to push myself to win all I can. To win every single tournament I have played in, I would do everything possible. But everything has a cost. Doing business has a cost and unfortunately, for sportsmen and women, injuries are part of it”.

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Golf, talk Tiger Woods again