Bad weather on Augusta National Women. Good performance by Paltrinieri and Don

The competition was interrupted during the first round, completed by 54 out of 82 players. However, the five Italians finished, in 75 strokes (+3) they finished Nobilio, Zanusso, Moresco

“The good things are worth the wait”, they say in Augusta (Georgia) after the forced postponement of one year for the second edition of the Women’s Amateur and the suspension of the race during the first round yesterday due to bad weather. Only 28 players still outstanding on a field of 82 participants, but with seven holes to play and in the last team, the American Katherine Smith was stopped, traveling together with the wind at the top of the standings with four birdies in eleven holes. We will therefore have to wait until the afternoon to have a ranking. Meanwhile, while the first lap is being completed, the second starts on time and with unchanged teams (at 7.45 am) for those who already have a score in their pocket. This is the case with the five Italian girls.

The Italians

Good performance by Emilie Paltrinieri, a score in par with three birdies and three bogeys for the twenty-year-old who plays in Los Angeles in the UCLA team, in her second year of college. A hit behind (73, +1) places Caterina Don, in her second Women’s Amateur. In 75 strokes (+3) Alessia Nobilio (a linear pace with three bogeys on the score), Anna Zanusso (who alternated birdie and bogey), Benedetta Moresco (two birdies but also a heavy double on hole 12) closed.

The competition

The track of the Champions Retreat was not allowed too much, long, with hard and well defended greens especially in the return holes, “where you have to play every club you have in your bag at your best”, says Rose Zhang, American number one at the world. Which did it by finishing second in the provisional standings in a group of five, one shot under par. Before the suspension, at the top of the (always provisional) leaderboard was Katherine Smith, 21 year old from Detroit in the third year of the University of Nebraska, who had to leave the field with her best game in hand. The format of the Women’s Amateur includes three days of competition and cutting after the first two which are played at the Champions Retreat Golf Club (31 March – 1 April); then a day off, which still allows everyone a practice lap on the mythical Augusta National track, then the first 30 enter the final round (April 3). Exciting that of the debut two years ago, crowded with an audience on the pitch and seen by millions of people on television. The first name engraved on the trophy is that of the American Jennifer Kupcho (now professional), femininity, great plays and a stellar performance. So the tournament grew quickly, not only because of the unlimited means made available by the Augusta Club, but because these athletes have won over both golf and non-golf enthusiasts.

The event

But before American Alexa Melton pulled the opening drive of the race at 7.45 yesterday, a beautiful evening had opened the event. The bus with the players dressed up for the party had crossed the gate of the club along the Magnolia Lane, that avenue that leads to the Augusta National clubhouse where the welcome dinner was waiting for them. That avenue that, since the first Masters in 1934, has always been the gateway to a dream for great players. It was unthinkable until two years ago for very capable girls, who immortalized that moment on their mobile phones. Then a drink in the green under the immense oak that shades the club house, and the usual photo together with the president of the club Fred Ridley.

72, by Emilie Paltrinieri

75, +3) Alessia Nobilio, Anna Zanusso, Benedetta Moresco

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Bad weather on Augusta National Women. Good performance by Paltrinieri and Don