Halo Infinite multiplayer, 8 tips to master the game

The tricks to play it on the new Halo for PC and Xbox consoles, and not be afraid of anyone or any mode.

Microsoft has surprisingly launched the beta of the multiplayer in Halo Infinite, effectively canceling the commitments of millions of players throughout the week (and beyond). As far as we have been able to see so far, 343 Industries’ first-person shooter has a gameplay that is quite close to the history of the series and veterans should particularly appreciate it. On the other hand, newcomers shouldn’t suffer too much in the acclimatization phase and quickly reach a good familiarity with the game.

If not, however, we are here to help you with ours 8 tips for mastering Halo Infinite, with which you can define yourself as good Spartans without banging your head into the wall too many times for that kill lost at the last second or for a k / m ratio that will embarrass you in front of friends.

Use melee attacks (but with the right timing) –

Halo Infinite multiplayer will largely take place in fairly tight arenas, which will often put you at very close distances to your enemies. It therefore becomes essential that you use the melee attack, throwing a punch at the opponents to send them to the mat more easily. But be careful: timing is key and, for the play to be effective, you will want to use the melee after having knocked a lot of bullets on your enemy and lowered his shields by a lot. If not, he will have time to respond to the attack and knock you out in turn.

Health in Halo Infinite –

After winning a 1v1 match, the greatest temptation is to keep running to immediately find another opponent to KO. There is no greater mistake you could make. To stay as long as possible in the game, when your health is low, do not run towards another enemy but find shelter waiting for the shields to regenerate (you will be duly warned by an unmistakable sound) and the health bar at the top of the screen fills up again.

Switch to secondary, instead of reloading –

Another mistake that is often made, on Halo Infinite but in general in all multiplayer shooters, it’s constantly reloading the weapon. It is a very common and in most cases completely unjustified vice, which you should try to file as much as possible in the game. Do not underestimate your secondary weapon in this regard: whether it is the pistol or something else, you will soon discover that, especially in the hottest areas of the maps, it is better to switch to the one than wait for the loading times of the main weapon.

Do not shoot immediately after a sighting –

Speaking of temptations, that of is very strong shoot as soon as an enemy is sighted in front of him. This is also a very common mistake that you should try to limit absolutely. By shooting from a distance you will have less chance of hitting and doing significant damage to opponents, and above all you will give them the opportunity to spot you. Especially near a corner, the opponent could turn quickly and hide behind it, waiting for you to arrive at your destination and be shot down without even realizing it. Be patient and wait until you are in a good position before pulling the trigger.

Stay with the team and play for the goals –

343 Industries has articulated Halo Infinite’s multiplayer so that you play a lot of objective games instead of Massacre (or dear old woman Swat). Which means that you will have to play for the objectives and not do your own thing: stay close to one or more members of your team to conquer an area in the Fortress or Capture the Flag, in order to assist and be assisted against the opponent’s attacks, thus staying alive longer and being more useful to the team. In these modes this is how you win, not trying to kill indiscriminately. Also, use vehicles in Big Team Battle modes (it won’t be as big as a Battlefield 2042 map, but small it isn’t) to reach sensitive targets first, and if someone chases you using them, remember that you can unseat them once you’re good enough. neighbors.

Stop by Halo Infinite Academy –

We know, tutorials are a deadly bore and we’re all so good that we don’t need them, too. This time, however, the Spartan Academy is really important to understand special weapons, such as the Schidione: these can make the difference in the most fought clashes and, above all, in your kill count, which you will see rise once you master them. For the first time, but even later, do not feel embarrassed to use the new functionality of the AI ​​Scan (key down of the directional cross), which will reveal their position to you as you learn them by heart.

Don’t jump, slide –

Another temptation typical of multiplayer shooters is compulsively jumping, especially when we are being pursued, because we think that by doing so the enemy has greater difficulty in hitting us. In fact, it is good that you know that, except in rare cases, jumping makes you easier to take down, since hitting in the air is certainly no less simple than framing a part of the body of a Spartan … indeed. However, you can take advantage of the superior mobility of the Master Chief’s cronies for Halo Infinite, performing actions such as the slide which, instead, allows you to get out of the enemy’s view first and perhaps reach a corner behind which to wait silently.

Use grenades, always –

Speaking of evasive maneuvers, grenades are among a Spartan’s best friend when you need to retreat: if you notice that someone is chasing you and you just can’t shake them, throw one on the ground or immediately behind you to gain ground or, if you are lucky enough, even hit a kill . Grenades are also very useful for dispersing groups of enemies that you unfortunately run into or, in the most desperate cases, make a kill from the underworld: opponents will suffer massive damage even if the grenades explode after your death.

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Halo Infinite multiplayer, 8 tips to master the game