Handball European Championship main round: Norway outclasses Poland, Denmark defeats Iceland

Strong goalkeepers in Sweden, Montenegro and France

With strong performances from their goalkeepers Andreas Palicka, Nebojsa Simic und Vincent Gerard Sweden, Montenegro and France played their first games in the main round of the handballIN won. Sweden defeated in the first game of the German main round group II Russia with 29:23 (16:13). Russia had won all of the first games in the group stage. As a result, the team had head coach Valentin Buzmakov two points ahead in the main round. Sweden, meanwhile, had saved themselves from the Czech Republic with a win only on goal difference and were under direct pressure against the Russians.

Two Kempa tricks in the first half

In the first ten minutes of the game, the goalkeepers of both nations excelled. The Swedish goalkeeper Andreas Palicka parried four shots by the Russians. On the other side fought back Victor Kireev two throws.

As a result, Sweden built up a stable three-goal lead. Then the Russians showed what they are capable of. After a worth seeing allusion to the outside transformed Dmitry Kornev with a Kempa trick to make it 4:6 in the meantime. A few minutes later they did it again. Alluded to from the outside met Dmitry Zhitnikov per Kempa from the middle to 8:9. The last few minutes before the half-time break belonged to the Scandinavians again. Russia went without a goal for about seven minutes. Halftime score: 13:16 from the point of view of the Russians.

Palicka saves almost every second ball

The Swede set the first exclamation point in the second half Eric Johansson. Without jumping, he put a beam from the back area into the top right corner of the Russian goal. In a phase in which the game could have been much tighter, stood out again Palicka out. Again and again he fended off throws from the Russian backcourt and made sure that the lead remained constant even in weaker sections of his team. A catch rate of 40 percent – outstanding.

Montenegro defeats Vice World Champion

In the first game of the main round group I Without German participation, Montenegro defeated the corona-stricken team from Croatia 32:26 (15:9). A goalkeeping performance was also a crucial factor here: Nebojsa Simic came exactly like Palicka Balls kept at 40 percent in the parallel game. The Croatians are now on the verge of being eliminated with zero points and three games left.

Olympic champion too strong for handball”Youngstars

The second game in Group I was won by Olympic champions France against the Netherlands 34:24 (15:12). Even the start of the game was sobering for the Dutch: five to zero after five minutes. Coach Erlingur Richardsson’s team’s rapid forays into the nine-metre box often simply bounced off their opponents. It got better as the game progressed. The French, for their part, gave up a few attacks too easily and didn’t score for minutes. Shortly before half-time the game was tied (12:12).

But then France turned up the heat again. The title contender threw seven goals in a row up to the 36th minute (19:12). France then managed to extend the seven-point gap over the Dutch even further (29:20). In addition to their top scorer Aymeric Memory it was the goalkeeper again Vincent Gerard, who helped the French to a quiet second half. Like his colleagues in the afternoon games, he also saved almost 40 percent of the balls on goal. Until the end of the game nothing changed in the French dominance in the game – a deserved success of the Olympic champion.

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Handball European Championship main round: Norway outclasses Poland, Denmark defeats Iceland