Harden unlocks: the credit goes to an NBA legend

James Harden seems to have moved on, putting a tough month behind him (and a bad performance against the Phoenix Suns, in which he was also booed by his audience) with a 34-point, 10 rebound and 8 assists in the derby against New York. . According to his words, the credit goes to Reggie Miller, with whom he spoke before the game: this is what they said

Despite the best record in the Eastern Conference, the Brooklyn Nets have not yet delivered their best basketball – and not just because of Kyrie Irving’s absences or now Joe Harris’ absences, but mostly because of the poor physical shape of James Harden. The 2018 MVP is taking longer than expected to find the old automatisms, admitting himself at the beginning of the season “not being able to score 40 points even if you want to” (thanks to a summer in which he only did rehabilitation without playing) and to struggle to “find the balance between realization and distribution”. It may have been to unlock it definitively a gaming legend like Reggie Miller: after scoring his second goal of the evening with one of his classic step backs, Harden turned to the TNT commentary station where Miller was standing, giving him a small nod of thanks. Commentator Kevin Harlan caught the ball and explained that Harden and Miller spoke briefly before the game: “I went over there and said, ‘You remember you are James Harden, right? You are a former MVP. What does it mean that you don’t know when to pull and when to pass it? You’ve never had a problem like this in Houston. So go back to doing what you do best, which is to score‘”. Said, done: Barba, who had been booed in the match against Phoenix, scored 28 of his 34 final points in the first half alone, also adding 10 rebounds and 8 assists to one of the best performances of the year. “It’s thanks to Reggie that I found the rhythm“Harden said after the game.”It gave me incredible confidence, made me think again that I was the best player in the league. And that was what I needed. “

That dunked on the fly with a beautiful scream: “The first in 13 years”


Nets, Harden is a disaster: the audience booed him

In the second half, Harden also took away the satisfaction of making one splendid dunk in offensive rebound, a rarity for a player not used to flying over iron like him. It is no coincidence that after the dunk he stopped under the basket and he let out a beautiful scream, pointing out to everyone what he had just done: “It may have been my first offensive rebound dunk of my career, that is 13 years now, so I let myself go a little, “he said smiling after the race. Who knows at the end of the season Steve Nash won’t have to send a bottle of thanks to Reggie Miller for unlocking his All-Star. .

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Harden unlocks: the credit goes to an NBA legend