Ibra and Messias, the strange couple. Zlatan: “Now it’s my turn to renew”. Junior: “To Milan for merit”

The Swede: “How can you change like this in just two years? Ibra brings you magic”. The Brazilian: “The time has passed to talk about fairy tales and what I used to do. Now we need to talk about what I’m doing now on the pitch “

Marco Pasotto

It may seem strange, but there are different points of contact, and of different kinds. For example, a youth that is not exactly easy, but also the search for the number in the field and, why not, a registry office that does not paint them exactly like two children. Ibrahimovic and Messias, the strange couple. AC Milan, which gets back on the road with a view to the championship this time around, does so with two of its most “seasoned” players. Together they make it 70 years old and we are sure that on Elliott’s upper floors they will not turn up their noses too much, even if the basic philosophy goes in the opposite direction.

Fable? Yes, but that’s enough …

Zlatan and Junior in Genoa pulled Milan out of the quicksand of a stupid and dangerous period, where it took concreteness and hunger to get back on track. Here is another point of contact: we are talking about two qualities that are not lacking in both. Yes, it’s the strange couple because in the fans’ imagination there are the shots of Ibra, the inventions of Diaz and the raids of Leao. But it was objectively complicated, even just up to a couple of weeks ago, to imagine a match resolved by Ibra and Messias with the Brazilian stamping the scoresheet more than the Swede.

Junior’s story continues and it’s nice to think it’s just the beginning. Think of the last eight days lived by Messias: goal at Atletico on his debut in the Champions League and two goals in Genoa on his debut as a starter. Before him, the last AC Milan Brazilian to score at least two goals in a league away match was Ronaldinho in 2010.

But he has very clear ideas about himself and everything that is happening to him: “Each player makes his own story. I’m at Milan because I deserved it, the time has passed to talk about fairy tales and what I used to do” , he says with a hint of annoyance. “Now we need to talk about what I do now. Unfortunately I arrived at Milan a little late in condition, the injury might have come also for this reason. I arrived here that few wanted me, but with my work I have shown that I can stay there”.

Goofy hooked

Messias at the end of the season will have to convince Milan to believe in him, because the Rossoneri club boasts a right of redemption with Crotone. And basically it’s another point of contact with Ibra, who at 40 is looking for a further renewal because he feels good, he wants to go to Qatar – play-offs permitting of course – and, judging by what is being observed along this season, he is also succeeding this time to defeat the passing of time.

Meanwhile, he is the top scorer of the team – 6 centers (plus an assist) – and then with the goal of Marassi, the number 73 in the Rossoneri, he hooked Pippo Inzaghi among the best scorers of Milan in Serie A. Pioli removed after an hour of play, because Zlatan’s lungs are organs to be managed like precious stones: with extreme care. “Pioli has renewed? I’m happy for him, but now I have to renew too,” he said in the post game.

“If he renews, I renew. I am very happy for the coach, he deserves everything, he is doing a great job and must continue like this. The team has great desire and is young, is ready to make sacrifices and is so hungry to grow and to work. When I arrived it was another situation, the more time passes the more we grow. How can you change like this in just two years? Just sign Ibra and I will bring you magic, I have a lot of fun. Today was already decided before the I played as much as I had to play and did the best I could. These guys make me have fun and make me feel young. “

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Ibra and Messias, the strange couple. Zlatan: “Now it’s my turn to renew”. Junior: “To Milan for merit”