If you liked Arcane, check out Ruined King: A League of Legends Story

On the wings of the success of the Netflix animated series, Riot Games and its Forge are launching a new adventure and action game.

Arcane, the animated series scanned on Netflix along the course of the month of November, has sent League of Legends into the mainstream orbit. The series was acclaimed by critics and audiences, to the point of having earned a second season immediately after the airing of the final episode. The details about it, for now, are very few but we know two things for sure: the first is that it won’t take another decade or so to see it, unlike the initial season; the second is that it will bring even more followers to the Riot Games table.

The consequences of Arcane’s success –

The fact that Arcane has had a similar success has posed a problem of no small importance, that is, it has created a new user in search of content focused on League of Legends. Many have immediately tried to launch themselves on the game, however, finding a very difficult title to approach and with a community of eight million users a day that has already mastered it.

Furthermore, a community that is anything but welcoming: as evidenced by the recent removal of the global chat, the toxicity (fought too lightly for a long time and also experienced as a mirror inside) of a not at all to be underestimated part of that user makes the climate around LoL unwelcoming for newcomers, who therefore need simpler and “new” places to continue chewing on the broad mythology of the saga.

A cozier League of Legends –

The Californian developer and publisher knows this very well, to the point of having created in unsuspecting times a label called Riot Forge with which he hired some of the most talented independent studios to create the “stories” of League of Legends – spin-offs similar to those promoted at first for it Star Wars of the new Disney course.

The A League of Legends Story branch testifies to Riot Games’ effort to capitalize on the cross-media thrust that started with (but certainly not limited to) Arcane, quickly building a library of fascinating titles such as the musical Hextech Mayhem, the fighting game. Project L, the story-driven Song of Nunu – from Rime and Gylt’s Tequila Works -, the 2D platform Convergence and the action RPG Ruined King. An offer that, in parallel with the LoLs, Legends of Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics and Valorant, as well as together with the crossovers of the last few days with Fortnite and PUBG Mobile, gives a good idea of ​​an exponential growth of the League of Legends brand and its ambition to get out of the niche.

Dopo Arcane, Ruined King —

Ruined King: A League of Legends Story is the first product to attempt to capitalize on Arcane’s success and, at the same time, to fill the void of welcoming places that can embrace users otherwise doomed to fail on League of Legends. Made by Airship Syndicate (Battle Chasers: Nightwar, Darksiders Genesis), the game, a prequel to the “progenitor”, has different topics to please different audiences. First of all, to those who have seen Arcane: the graphic style signed by the creator of Darksiders and former Marvel Joe Madureira is dark and captivating, the (many) hand-drawn cutscenes are animated in a similar way and have a close artistic direction, and everything draws heavily on the same imaginary.

The game is a tad too slow in moving around the maps and in combat (even at 2x speed), which are challenging and time-consuming to complete, but it has goodies like light puzzles and RPG depth that make it highly palatable – whether you know about League or not in all its facets. Airship Syndicate then worked hard to ensure that Ruined King did not alienate the League of Legends user and respect their playful DNA. The title can also appeal to those who play the acclaimed MOBA, recalling some of the most beloved champions, offering a strategic turn-based combat system that recalls the lanes of League with unexpected depth (there are three and each has its own why : one speeds up the turn, one is balanced, another increases attack power) and a challenge rate that will even test you on the Normal difficulty level.

Conclusions –

In short, if a good morning starts in the morning, Riot Games’ assault on the mainstream – between Netflix series like Arcane and more “friendly” video games – has a good chance of being successful. So much will depend on the way in which the gap between the first and the the second season of Arcane, and what other big names could be involved in the initiative of the Forge. Because the audience spoke loud and clear: There is a hunger for new League of Legends stories.

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If you liked Arcane, check out Ruined King: A League of Legends Story