Incredible evening! Gala performance of Bassey, cheered the coach of Budejovice –

“An incredible evening. “It simply came to our notice then. I remember one turn for coach Pavel Tobiáš, when Žižkov and I lost 0: 2 in the 75th minute and finally won 3: 2 after the Venetian penalty in the last minute. But at ten o’clock and against a opponent like Slovácko … Not really, “Dynamo coach David Horejš shone with joy after Saturday’s triumph 3: 2, who flew enthusiastically along the home bench after the final whistle.

Rightly. It was celebrated in České Budějovice. At halftime, the mood in the home camp was below freezing. Slovácko dominated the field, was stronger on the ball, created chances and deservedly led thanks to Kalabišek’s shot. In addition, Jurečka did not convert a penalty in the 25th minute! Dynamo lost personal fights, lack of emphasis.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

Jan Kalabiška (middle) from Slovácko rejoices at the goal against České Budějovice.Photo: Vaclav Pancer, CTK

“Around the twentieth minute, I thought I’d jump out of my skin. It was unhappy how we approached it. We played like dolls, “Horejš did not take the napkins.

That’s why he had a loud speech in the locker room. Tolno’s substitution moved the game, but the shot came with a left hand, played by Sadílek, whom the otherwise excellent Vorel let into the goal. And the next blow came for the home team in the 69th minute, the footstep of Hora on Jurečka’s leg was consulted by the main referee Ginzel with VAR and he pulled out a straight red instead of the originally awarded yellow card.

Few people would bet on Budejovice at that moment. However, he got a corner kick in the 71st minute, which headed into the goal of Valenta. “The team kicked the goal,” Horejš nodded. The home team felt the opportunity and things were happening on the pitch. each time he directed the balloon into the net in cold blood.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

České Budějovice coach David Horejš during the match with Slovácko.Photo: Vaclav Pancer, CTK

“Fortune Hoffman ran over and finished it excellently,” praised the hero of the duel by the coach of the South Bohemians.

“It simply came to our notice today. He acted greasily, in the third goal he threw the goalkeeper beautifully, he knew what he was doing. He plays in the league for the first season and has eight goals, which testifies to something, “said Horejš, who succeeded.

Photo: Václav Pancer, ČTK

Fortune Bassey from České Budějovice celebrates a goal against Slovácko.Photo: Vaclav Pancer, CTK

“I really appreciate the winnings. Slovácko was better for most of the match, but we managed a conclusion that was excellent. The boys deserve a huge compliment, “exclaimed Horejš, who would probably take a point after a 2: 2 equalization.” Horejš admitted.

Instead of one point, however, all three remained in southern Bohemia, also thanks to the excellent Vorl, who scratched Vechet’s head on the goal line at 3: 2. “The team helped each other in important moments. The second goal that Vorlis received should be scored by his goalkeeper. However, the team held him with a contact goal at 1: 2 and he then pulled out an incredible intervention. That’s the way it should be, “said Horejš, who had problems in the back rows before the match, and the extreme backslide Sladký, who did a good job, jumped on the stopper.

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Incredible evening! Gala performance of Bassey, cheered the coach of Budejovice –