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It was a great chance to defeat France. Our players were well prepared, even though during the season Jirka Veselý had a coronavirus and a serious traffic accident, Tomáš Macháč suffered from mononculeosis again. For them, the Davis Cup is the peak of the season and it was obvious.

The French entered with the ‘grandfathers’. Gasquet and Mannarin are 68 years old. If Monfils was still there, this trio would be over 100 years old. With us, the team seems much more promising.

I already liked Macháč at the Olympics, but he needs to strengthen physically. I experienced the arrival of two top juniors, Nadal and Gasquet, who had hangers that could jump into a bottle. But in two years, Nadal became a great bodybuilder. Which is also a challenge for Macháč. He has excellent technology, but he doesn’t have that many weapons yet. There are still reserves in the first service.

Veselý played a fantastic tie break and had to take advantage of that. Mannarino did not turn the setball and was completely shocked. He couldn’t flip the forehand, there was a great chance to finish it in two sets, but unfortunately our player didn’t use breakballs. Too bad he wasn’t more aggressive and didn’t attack anymore. In any case, he deserved the nomination because he arranged the promotion to the finals at a playoff in Bratislava. He won the key singles with Martin at the time from the match.

Lehečka may be a world-class debutist

But the biggest shock was the performance of our deblists, who don’t even play together normally. In this Davis Cup format, doubles is absolutely crucial. Macháč and Lehečka gave a fantastic performance. After all, the winners of the Champions Tournament, Herbert and Mahut, did not have time for them. Here, as in the case of Veselý, it was possible to win in two sets.

Lehečka could be a world-class dancer. Sad and a half was the best in the yard. He was also determined to make it bold and risky. Macháč’s returns softened a bit at the end of the second set, but it’s not easy to beat such a successful doubles. In the third set, the French got caught, they knew it wasn’t fun.

I have to commend Captain Navrátil for how he built it. Lehečka and Gasquet recently lost, while Macháč did not know the French, they did not register him at all, so it was a huge advantage for him. In this format, however, a player who starts as the number one can hardly play a doubles.

In Prague, it cost the Fed team a win that Krejčíková did not have the strength for doubles after a difficult singles. It is necessary to have different variants and it is good that we have equal players there.

Photo: Leonhard Foeger, Reuters

Czech tennis player Jiří Veselý is gesturing during the Davis Cup match.Photo: Leonhard Foeger, Reuters

I definitely don’t see the fight with Britain as lost in advance. Norrie has a lifetime season, Indian Wells won. But he played very badly at the Masters. It’s a big habit for him to play for so long, fatigue plays a role. And I think Evans is at its zenith at the age of thirty-one. Another advantage is that we have two days to rest and train, while the British play twice in two days. You need to go to that match to win. Let’s hope Jard does a good team.

It flashed. We will no longer say that we only have women’s tennis. What our boys are showing is very promising. For them, this Davis Cup must be a fantastic encouragement. The key time of preparation for the next season is approaching and this will give them a great taste.

Jan Kukal

Tennis champion of the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic, long-time Davis Cup representative, later coach. His teammate in doubles used to be mainly Jan Kodeš, with whom he also played in international tournaments. They reached the semifinals at the 1972 French Open and the 1973 Wimbledon quarterfinals. the team achieved victory in the Federation Cup in 1983. As a coach, he worked with Ivan Lendl, Hana Mandlíková, Thomas Muster and Jiří Novák.

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JAN KUKAL’S WOMEN: It’s flashing! Let’s not say that we only have women’s tennis – Sport.cz