Juve: 28 goals in 20 games, the worst attack of the millennium

The bianconeri did not score so little since the 1999-2000 season. But the last time the Juventus top scorer scored less than 5 goals at this point in the championship, the team finished second

Juve’s journey in search of the goal inevitably has its roots in late summer, when Ronaldo, having just started the championship, communicated his decision to say goodbye to Juve and Italy. Good news for the bianconeri, perhaps a relief for those who considered him a cumbersome presence for his being a player-company. But perhaps not everyone, in weighing the pros and cons of the Portuguese star’s departure, had considered his loss from the point of view of the total number of goals guaranteed: only to remain in the last season 36 goals, of which 29 in Serie A, 6 in Champions League, 4 in the Italian Cup and one in the Super Cup.

Monstre-figures, which certainly could not be put into the account of Kean and Kaio Jorge, who arrived after him. Allegri, usually not very inclined to celebrate funerals, indicated the way: the missing goals would come from midfield and from the empowered Dybala, perhaps increasing the share from set kicks.

Negative numbers

The story then went differently, and it is there for all to see: the Argentine has so far played a championship dotted with stop and go, “mister 10 goals” McKennie stopped at two, no midfielder has raised his subnet bar , and indeed Church is missing a few goals, thanks to different tasks and / or roles to which it has often been assigned up to now. And luckily Cuadrado was able to match his season high, scoring 4 goals. Juve’s top scorers in the league at the moment are Dybala and Morata, with 5 goals, and none appear in the top 20 in the top scorer rankings. To go back to such not very prolific Juventus top scorers we have to go back to the 1987/88 season, when Ian Rush and Marino Magrin, after 20 days, were stopped at four.

Goals with the dropper

If the first round ended with 27 goals and the worst attack of the top 10 teams in the standings, the return one started in the sign of the previous one: Juve in fact scored only one goal, despite the many shots towards the goal. of Ospina, and the consolation that for the first time Juve has obtained points by overturning a home disadvantage is worth little. Also because with Napoli he was able to dispose of the returns of Chiesa and Dybala and of the use, during the match, of all the offensive potential he has (except for Kaio Jorge), against an opponent in the Visconte Dimezzato version of Calvinian memory.

Thus, after 20 days Juve found themselves a haul of 28 goals: they hadn’t scored so little at this point in the championship since the 1999/2000 season, when they scored 26 goals. But then, with Ancelotti on the bench, he still finished second, after the famous defeat in Perugia on the last day.

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Juve: 28 goals in 20 games, the worst attack of the millennium