King’s record leveled! It’s a big deal! It means a lot to me, confided Martin Růžička –

“Yeah, that’s the perfect way it was. I didn’t have a perfect time right now, I’m glad I’m done, “said Martin Růžička, who scored more goals than King, so he moved ahead of him in the club scoring (568 for 260 + 308).” It’s a big deal “I don’t even know what to say now, so I kind of put it together,” he confided.

At first, the 36-year-old striker did not want much among the journalists. Not because he was injured or refused to publish his impressions, but because the first goal in Mladá Boleslav’s goal fell after a rebound from the skating of the visiting defender Bičevskis and the Třinec striker was afraid that he would lose one pass.

“I’m quite superstitious and since I didn’t know what the points would be like, I didn’t want to rejoice prematurely. Boleslav herself scored that goal herself and I didn’t know what it would be like, so I didn’t want to celebrate in advance, “Růžička explained.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

From left Martin Ševc from Mladá Boleslav and lying Petr Vrána from Třinec.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

However, the phone call to the head of the Extraliga, Josef Řezníček, reassured Třinecká. “One does not know what will happen tomorrow. I thought if he confirmed it, I’d love to celebrate. Until then, I didn’t want to. And now I can say that I am glad that I have finally achieved it. Sometimes someone reminded me of it, so it was in the subconscious. I’m glad, now it will fall out of me and it will be better, “continued the 36-year-old forward, who came to Třinec in 2009 from Znojmo as a defensive wing, according to the then coach and manager Pavel Marek.

“I didn’t collect that many points at the time, so they probably expected it to be so. In the end, something turned out that no one expected. It means a lot to me. And a lot of people are behind it. It’s not just my job. Whether it’s family, wife, teammates, management, everyone here in the club who has been here with me during those years. I would like to thank everyone. I guess I’ll have a shot today, “Růžička smiled, who needed 528 matches in the basic part and in the playoffs to gain 568 points.

“Martin was with all the titles in Třinec and he was always one of the main players in the team. Breaking Richard King’s record is just another milestone. And certainly not the last. Martin still has a lot of points ahead of him and I believe he will add them to this team, “coach Václav Varaďa appreciated the contribution of the member of the elite Steelmakers formation.

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Třinec coach Václav Varaďa during the match.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

“If Venca says that, it probably will be,” Růžička laughed. But we’ll see how it goes. Age won’t stop, but I try to help the team as best I can, “he continued.

He did not experience the Třinec icon of the King, who worked in Třinec in 1995 and 2005 as a teammate. And he didn’t follow him consistently. “Honestly … I didn’t notice much at the time. One does not know where he will be, he concentrates on where he is. I was young, so I don’t remember that. But I’ve seen videos and a lot of things he’s done here, so it’s a great honor for me to beat such a player, “admitted Růžička.

The native of Beroun certainly does not want to end his career with this milestone. “I will not stop the age and I do not want to play indefinitely. I go season after season, I try to prepare what’s going on and see what the body can last. I don’t want to play indefinitely, but we will see what it will be like, “Růčička thought. He has almost certainty. “We’ll see how it goes. I wouldn’t protest, it’s an award of work, but this is not a question I should answer,” smiled the new record holder at the Třinec scoring.

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King’s record leveled! It’s a big deal! It means a lot to me, confided Martin Růžička –