Kjaer: ‘I want to get over the Eriksen episode and focus on the pitch’

What did you feel tonight, with the applause that the Paris theater gave you?

“It was a very special evening, I will carry it with me for my whole life, it was the first time I went to the Ballon d’Or ceremony. I want to slowly close with the past, with that episode of Eriksen’s accident, it’s a personal fact that I have to slowly put aside, also because of all the people and journalists who always ask me about that episode. It is an episode with a happy ending, but slowly I have to close with this story, even for myself. something that will remain in my heart, I will not forget it. Golden Ball to Eriksen? The important thing is that she is well now “

You gave everyone the feeling that you were the best friend possible in that situation …

“Thank you for these thoughts, the only important thing is that Eriksen is fine now. Life goes on, I have to start focusing on the pitch. I will try to put this episode aside, even if I respect those who have observed him from outside”

Is it right that it was Messi who won the Ballon d’Or?

“Yes, in my opinion it is right, Messi is a champion, we are lucky to have lived in an era with such a strong player. Everyone is talking about Messi or Pele, but Leo has won the Ballon d’Or 7 times. I don’t think that in the future we will have a champion like him again “

Is this the best moment of your career?

“Absolutely yes. I helped Milan to return to the Champions League, this year we are fighting for the Scudetto. I have always seen my career as a path of growth, I never gave up, I never had any doubts about my abilities, for me. it’s no surprise to be here “

How do you explain the qualitative leap you have had at Milan? What did it depend on?

“I have had many great coaches in my career. Now at Milan I have a coach like Pioli who believes in me, he lets me do my job, I listen to him and he listens to me. The team has also given me a great hand and we have grown together. I gained experience over many years, even my family with my children helps me, we are happy with our life in Milan, we are serene “

You have raised the expectations of the Milan fans, is this the most difficult moment since you have grown up?

“We know that the expectations are high now, in a certain sense it is also our fault, since during the interviews we all say that we want to improve the result of last season. To do that we can only win the Scudetto. We have grown so much, which now is it’s right to have the right pressure that leads you to fight for the Scudetto. Even against Atletico we fought to the end and we won. “

The Rossoneri fans now believe in winning at home against Liverpool, in the last match of the Champions League … Will you be able to do it?

“Absolutely, we must face every match as a final, we hope that against Liverpool it will be a fantastic evening together with our fans”

Who is the favorite for the Scudetto?

“It depends on the team you support. If you support Milan, then your answer is Milan. It is a very difficult question, in any case the strongest question is Milan, I believe in it 100%, it is a question of mentality. We have to think about ourselves, not the other teams, it just depends on us. “

Have you talked to Donnarumma tonight?

“Yes, we talked a little”

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Kjaer: ‘I want to get over the Eriksen episode and focus on the pitch’