LIGHT: It’s autumn. And so the storks move to the heat –

Listening to Ortel about the proven guilt in the case of manipulated sports subsidies, he must have remembered that he had fled from one of the similar cages, and during the Horník corruption affair seventeen years ago, the gate of Katra did not close behind him.

So why wouldn’t the state prosecutors snort again when his companion Janst succeeded in the grant case for the first time ?! Pravda, the head of the Czech Sports Union, a well-known lawyer and lobbyist, is a different format and larger caliber than him, which Pelta never hid and did not hide his admiration for the stork, but still.

Jansta was found not guilty at first instance, why wouldn’t he do it at second who will handle his appeal? That, unlike Jansta, he suggested too much? That he wasn’t paying attention to his mouth and was getting used to and bragging about it in a rented apartment full of bugs and wiretaps? That Judge Cihlářová did not object to his lawyer and recognized the police wiretaps as lawful?

After all, everyone knows that it is natural by nature and that what is on the heart is on the tongue. After all, he is a boy from the people who almost felt like a sports minister at the time. A guy obsessed with football. Big stork. A peculiar, but always and always a warrior.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Právo

Former chairman of the Czech Football Association Miroslav Pelta at the Prague court. Apparently he’s showing the Great Stork. That’s what he used to be called in a football environment.Photo: Jan Handrejch, Right

And there in court they should also remember that he once told them in the eye that footballers are genetically a slightly different class, so there are not many smarter heads among them. That is, except for Petr Čech, who can also sell warm air.

After all, he had already claimed that Jarda billion, according to whom football bafs always had merun instead of a head. And that Vacek was a box and he knew football.

All this must be taken into account by the High Court, not to bother with what, when and where to slap, on whom he lay, only to make a profit out of him, which he always wanted only for football, his well-being and prosperity.

Senate President Lenka Cihlářová reads the judgments in the case of Miroslav Pelta a spol.Video: Radim Vaculík, Right

After all, he also guided the ministerial ex-deputy Kratochvílová and seduced him into the right path in a rented apartment on Senovážné náměstí only for the good of sports and football separately. After all, no one could want a poor woman from somewhere in Brno to know her in the sports jungle and get through the ruling megabordel.

Not to mention knowing and sensing which of the applicants has some value from which something can be extracted over time?

It is he who knows where the hare is running and how to loop through the labyrinth of programs, nonsensical bureaucratic instructions and the desire for transparent orders to satisfy business and political interests and priorities. He has been aware for many years about which of the big and local politicians, lobbyists and potentates, important officials or clerical officials he would not even entrust to the district in football, thinks well about sports.

And now the judge will blame him for wanting to play smaller and bigger millions there? And that he was thinking of friends, acquaintances and comrades? That he also remembered the people from Strakovka and the Castle, because who knows when they can come in handy ?!

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Miroslav Pelta and Miroslav Jansta.Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

For one, therefore, the subsidy encouragement, which was very often reminded by the judge, even though it was only some 178 mega and a few small tops, for others nothing, but for Chancellor Mynáře there is still a trip to EURO football with his entire Auschwitz village team. And a representative tracksuit on top, so that the Chancellor could produce in front of the television cameras, and it was clear to everyone whose side he belonged to and who he was kicking for.

Even the public prosecutor and the judge saw this during a television report with Auschwitz and could calculate that one and one are two.

So the prosecutor Trčka certainly did not, because he demanded that he go to the house for nine years, the judge perhaps only partially, because she understood at least that in the non-investment programs there was such a bullshit and chaos in the ministry that poor Deputy Simon of Carmelite was on the branch .

She needed someone to guide and advise her. And they and Mirek did nothing else as managers and guarantors, which the judge acknowledged and told Míre Janst immediately that he was innocent.

And the time will come when they will certainly tell him the High Court as well.

Would his friends let him lie down? Didn’t he do enough for them? Didn’t he always think of people who had some value? Didn’t he try to make their way to subsidies directly? And didn’t they have the first and last of him when he still ruled in Strahov and nothing was impossible for him?

To get President Zeman, who, in addition to rowing along the pond, had the sport of fuss to the Prague Municipal House at the time of the announcement of the Footballer of the Year? And a year later, he did a parade even at his house in Prague Castle, where he had the Irish singer Chris de Burgh transported by an air special for a million crowns, just so that everyone could see how big football is really made.

Didn’t he rush, sweat, and sweat a few shirts to raise billions and a half for football under his presidency? And now, with their low-cost consumption, will they blame him for the smaller millions that no one has reached anyway?

And even if they read it to him and counted it.

The cage door won’t close behind him for six years.

And if for a year or two, which could still be endured.

After all, he lasted a month in custody at the Brno arrest, where even after a few weeks, the bachelors knew for themselves that he was a boy from a people with a broad and good heart, who never thought and thinks only of himself.

However, he soon went out with them. And they with him.

Photo: Jan Handrejch, Právo

The police bring Miroslav Pelt to court, which decided on his detention.Photo: Jan Handrejch, Right

And even his Jablonec would have kind of typed that year or two. There are rumors that they are about to go out at the Shooting Range after the verdict, and the last one is to be locked in six west, but he won’t stab him so that he, the Great Stork, will evacuate his district and allow his pampered football child to end up so , like once Chvalovského Blšany, Gottvaldovy Drnovice, Novákova Bohdaneč or Paškovy Prušánky.

That is why he also said that we were only at half-time, when he left the courtroom after hearing the verdict of guilt. Therefore, not even the threat of six years behind the head hovering over his head deprived the Great Stork of the belief that they would see a lot of good cats and good points with their own eyes, as was the case with Alkmaar in the Conference League on Thursday night just hours before the verdict.

Only those unwilling people standing in front of the courtroom mumbled the wisdom of a writer and aphorist Butulescu, who did not bother him. That the storks are said to be leaving in the autumn, but the children are still being born.

Footnote: The mentioned mottos and statements are not the invention of the author, but authentic quotes of the Great Stork.


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LIGHT: It’s autumn. And so the storks move to the heat –