Dakar 2022, the complete calendar unveiled: we start on January 2nd

12 stages and a day of rest starting at the beginning of 2022: this is the program of the Dakar 2022 unveiled today in a live streaming with David Castera. The Classic category is making its debut

The Dakar 2022 will again take place, for the third consecutive year, all exclusively in Saudi Arabia. No Jordan, no neighboring countries. This is the gist of the 26-minute live stream in which David Castera, general manager of the Dakar, summarized the highlights of the 2022 edition. The most famous Rally on the planet will start from Hail, in the north of the country, on January 2 to end in Jeddah on the 14th of the same month after 12 stages and a rest day to be held in Riyadh, on January 8th, the capital.

The presentation

David Castera’s speech begins with the salient data of 2021, an edition held in the middle of the Covid period, which collected 2030 hours of television broadcasts, broadcast in 190 countries around the world with four and a half million fans following the adventures of the participants . First of all Castera talks about the Classic category, regularity and non-speed, entered for the first time this year and reserved for vehicles with over twenty years on their shoulders and already registered in the past – as a type of vehicle and brand – in the Dakar. In 2021 there were thirty at the start, but by 2022 the number is expected to triple as the director already confirms 60 suitors. Some technical news for this category: medium speeds, bivouacs, and navigation with the insertion of the dunes.


The vehicles will embark in Marseille in the second week of December 2021 and will reach Jeddah at the end of the year to be recovered from 26 to 28 by the participants who will go up by road to Hail to face the checks on 31 December and 1 January, the day on which there will also be a prologue. Departure on the 2nd from Hail heading south with at least three stages all on sand, dunes and boundless spaces, a marathon stage – in the old way as Castera specified – two round stages, a day of rest that arouses no little curiosity since the director general spoke of transfer by truck for vehicles and by plane for competitors. The second part of the race includes four very difficult stages, a lot of navigation and more dunes to the finish, once again in Jeddah.


Electronic road book for all cars, SSVs and trucks and experimental road book for motorcycles, reserved for the Elite category only, to be extended to everyone in 2023. Airbags still under test for motorcyclists and new categories for cars: T1 +, wider, with larger tires and greater suspension travel but less power, and T1E for alternative energy vehicles in an evolution are added constant that in 2030 all categories will compete with low-emission vehicles while in 2023 the first hydrogen vehicle will make its debut. In 2022, on the other hand, Audi’s participation is confirmed with a new project and even trucks will have a category for new energies.

Dakar 2022, the hit

These are the 12 stages of the Dakar 2022:

January 1: Jeddah – Hail
January 2: Hail – Hail
January 3: Hail – Al Artawiya
January 4: Al Artawiya – Al Qaysumah
January 5: Al Qaysumah – Riyadh
6 gennaio: Riyadh – Riyadh
7 gennaio: Riyadh – Riyadh
January 8: Rest
January 9: Riyadh – Al Dawadimi
January 10: Al Dawadimi – Wadi Ad Dawasir
January 11: Wadi Ad Dawasir – Wadi Ad Dawasir
January 12: Wadi Ad Dawasir – Bisha
January 13: Bisha – Bisha
January 14: Bisha – Jeddah

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Dakar 2022, the complete calendar unveiled: we start on January 2nd