Ducks and errors, Viola party with Vlahovic: Milan, here is the first knockout

Doubles for Ibra and the Serbian, after goals from Duncan and Saponara. In the final own goal by Venuti. First defeat in the league for the Rossoneri, who now risk losing the top of the table

An Italian Saturday. Of which Pioli and AC Milan would have gladly done without, because Fiorentina’s 4-3 to the Rossoneri risks costing dearly: the extension of Napoli to the top or the return of Inter to the race, we’ll know tomorrow. Exciting match in Florence, without a moment’s respite: Viola three goals ahead, Ibrahimovic’s pride reopens everything, then Vlahovic scores a brace like his idol Zlatan and seals the Viola triumph. First knockout for the Devil in this Serie A.

Tata and Saponara

The story starts with the ex. In addition to Pioli, of course. It has often been talked about in the long approach to this match: Rebic is out, but Bonaventura, Tatarusanu and Saponara are on the pitch. The last two of this list will be the protagonists of the first half, in the opposite way. “Tata” because he runs into the first serious mistake since replacing Maignan between the posts: it’s 15 ‘, a harmless corner runs out in the hands of the Romanian goalkeeper, but the ball slips off his gloves and Duncan anticipates both him and Gabbia, for the ‘unexpected 1-0 viola. Saponara, on the other hand, because he paints the doubling with a round brushstroke an instant before the interval. Just him, an old Rossoneri heart even as a fan. Right remote controlled.

Ibra wastes

Milan, without Tomori, concedes something more than usual in defense. Kjaer has to deal with Vlahovic and follows him across the board, often resorting to hard manners. The Dane is not captain due to the absence of Romagnoli (bench) and Calabria (unavailable): the band goes to Kessie, and the choice can be loaded with many meanings, given the ellipsis on the renewal of the Ivorian. And Ibrahimovic? There is him and not Giroud at the center of the attack. He scores immediately but is offside, then devours the equalizer by leaning on the side of his head. Mistake not from him. More precise shots from Tonali and a brilliant Leao (often found from Kjaer’s throws), but Terracciano is reactive. On the other hand, before the 2-0 that blows up the Franks, it is Vlahovic and Bonaventura who are getting closer to the target.

Over, indeed reopened

Giroud aside, Pioli shouldn’t have much to shoot the game, also due to the fact that Messias and Florenzi have just returned from physical problems. But he has to make a virtue out of necessity and then – after a wasted right-foot by Leao – he changes three: out of Kalulu, Saelemaekers and Diaz, into Florenzi, Messias and Giroud. Double center forward, therefore: the card to use in critical moments. The game gets messed up, from 2-0 to 3-2 in an instant. Three goals in seven minutes. It’s time for the strikers: first Vlahovic’s masterpiece, who avoids the offside, burns Gabbia and beats Tatarusanu for the viola trio; then the clamorous amnesia of Bonaventura, who gives the ball to Ibra in the area and sees the Swede throw the right-footed 3-1 into the goal; finally, a duel won by Hernandez on Odriozola, a low cross from the left and another winning paw by Zlatan. All reopened, double at 40 in Serie A, freezing falls on the Franks.

Dusan closes it

Fiorentina, however, found a way to reorganize. Milan pushes, assaults with everything they have, but finds fewer outlets. And when Theo falls asleep close to the Rossoneri penalty area, giving Gonzalez the ball which Vlahovic then transforms into 4-2, the match actually ends, even if an own goal by Venuti at the last second fixes the score on 4-3. Pioli loses again with Italian, as in February in La Spezia. Florence sings, dreaming of Europe. The one that awaits Milan on Wednesday in Madrid, for the last Champions train, to be taken to forget about tonight’s blow.

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Ducks and errors, Viola party with Vlahovic: Milan, here is the first knockout