Toyota Hilux T1 +, Gazoo Racing’s pick up for Dakar 2022

Toyota presented the new Hilux T1 +, the racing car that will race the Dakar 2022 under the banner of Gazoo Racing: it is equipped with a twin-turbo V6 engine with over 400 horsepower

A few weeks after the start of the Dakar 2022, Toyota has unveiled the pick-up that will race the most famous of the rallies under the banner of Gazoo Racing. The desert racing car is called Hilux T1 +, and looks like a radical evolution of the previous model, from which it clearly detaches (also for regulatory reasons) while retaining some characteristics. For the Japanese company it is “the biggest technological leap in the Toyota Dakar program since its inception”, dated 2011.

toyota hilux t1 +, il motore v6

Pushing the desert racing car is a 3.5-liter V-shaped six-cylinder engine, fueled by petrol and derived from the standard unit fitted to the Land Cruiser 300 GR Sport. The same two turbochargers that equip the stock version and even the same intercooler are used on the racing version: thanks to the turbocharging, the centrally mounted V6 – a layout that Toyota has adopted since 2016 – is capable of delivering around 405 horsepower and 660 newton meters of maximum torque, discharged to the ground by a Sadev six-speed sequential gearbox.

dakar, NEW RULES

With a wheelbase of 3,140 mm and a weight of 2,000 kg imposed by the new FIA regulation, Hilux T1 + is built around a tubular frame combined with suspension with increased travel (it goes from 280 mm of the previous model to today’s 350 mm). The size of the aluminum rims also grows, from 32 to 37 inches, as well as that of the tires that dress them, 320 mm wide BF Goodrich, replacing the previous 245 tires. On the other hand, the number of spare wheels decreases pick-up can accommodate on board: once the rules of the T1 + category allowed to embark up to three, limited to two by the recently introduced rules.

toyota hilux, BOOK GR

The novelties also concern pure “cosmetics”, with the new livery that incorporates that already adopted by Gazoo Racing also in the WEC (World Endurance Championship) and in the World Rally (WRC). To unite Hilux T1 + to the other two peaks of Toyota motorsport is also the official adoption of the initials GR, the brand that characterizes the sportiest cars of the Japanese house. The Dakar 2022 team will also take part in the Cross Country World Championship with the Hilux T1 +.


To bring the Toyota Gazoo Racing colors to the Dakar 2022 there will be four crews, the first of which is made up of the winners of the 2019 edition: the Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah and the French co-driver Mathieu Baumel, who will still have once as teammates the South Africans Giniel de Villiers (victorious in the Dakar in 2009) and the navigator Dennis Murphy. The same passport also for the crews of the other two cars, with Henk Lategan and Shameer Variawa who will be navigated by Brett Cummings and Danie Strassen respectively. The Lategan-Cummings duo will be called up next weekend to defend the Saccs title during the last round of the South African Cross Country Series: the two will race aboard the “old” Hilux in the race that will be for Al-Attiyah and Baumel instead the opportunity to collect data for the development of the 2022 version. The last test before flying to Saudi Arabia is set for the beginning of December.

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Toyota Hilux T1 +, Gazoo Racing’s pick up for Dakar 2022