Banchero-Holmgren, is immediately a first choice duel: the blue scores 20 points in one half!

Duke’s Italian talent is dominant in the first 20 ‘and his Duke wins 84-81 against Gonzaga, the first team in the ranking. In the second half the physical conditions prevent him from lending a hand. For the rival center in the Nba key 16 points and 7 rebounds

Stitches and cramps. Paolo Banchero enchants in the first half of Gonzaga-Duke, the challenge with the other contender to the first absolute choice of the Nba 2022 Draft, Chet Holmgren, who the Blue Devlis of the future blue win 84-81 in a spectacular challenge between college basketball superpowers . After the rest, however, Paolo fights against cramps, which had already bothered him on his seasonal debut, and fails to make his mark. Closes with 21 points, but has put 20 on the scoresheet before the break.

The two aspiring numbers 1 in the Draft were often direct opponents on the pitch: in the first half Banchero dealt a heavy blow to his rival, who responded by making himself noticed in the second half and closing with 16 points and 7 rebounds. There are two different prospects: Paolo more ready for the floor above, with an impressive wealth of talent that would already be useful today for several NBA franchises, the long-limbed center of Gonzaga more work in progress, but already effective especially in defense and with the potential for become dominant on both sides of the pitch.

The points

Banchero’s first half is a mostly offensive show that crushes opponents, including Holmgren. The future blue slips 20 of the first 40 points of his after having missed the first shot, even sends his rival to sit on the bench with two fouls in the middle of the first half with a penetration to the iron that ends with a basket and extra free. With Holmgren out of the way, Banchero rages even more than before. In attack it is a cyclone that shows, with the eyes of the whole NBA on him, to be ready for the pro league with a sample that includes iron penetrations, three-pointers (3/6 at interval), ability to manage his teammates and versatility in knowing how to take the ball under his own basket and launch the counterattack. In defense he always manages to get noticed, even if with Holmgren out and Timme decidedly subdued the dangers decrease. Paolo’s first half ends 2’16 ”from rest, after committing the second foul, with 20 points. Shortly after coach Few, with his troops with fouls, is forced to reinsert Holmgren, who before returning to the locker room plays 1’27 ”adding two points to get to the break at an altitude of 6. Banchero advantage.

The cramps

Banchero’s game changes with 14’15 ”from the end, when he limps back to the bench. Cramps, again, like his Kentucky debut at Madison Square Garden. The promised blue is first massaged for a long time on the bench, then taken to the locker room for a drip. He returns to the field with 8’23 “from the end, but is clearly weakened and fails to get noticed. Coach K uses it as a diversion, because Paolo is Duke’s best player anyway and Gonzaga sticks his best defender, Holmgren, on him. But it’s not the same Banchero as in the first half: no explosiveness, a couple of triples attempted without too much conviction, too little energy to make a difference. Holmgren meanwhile tries to get noticed in attack, and the game reaches the final sprint with the two number 1 candidates watching others decide it.

The challenge

Banchero and Holmgren both confirmed they are the only true NBA top pick candidates in the June draft. Banchero was more incisive in the game, but the cramps that have returned to haunt him are a problem to be solved. Holmgren, despite his long-limbed physique that still needs work, has shown that he has enormous defensive talent and a lot of potential even in defense. Their run on the first call to the Draft will last well beyond their only season in college, but both Banchero and Holmgren have confirmed just how potentially formidable they are. Two aspiring champions, two number ones.

The statistics

Banchero 21 (5/9 from two, 3/8 from three, 2/3 free throws), 5 rebounds, 2 assists, 1 recovery in 30 ‘. Holmgren 16 (8/10, 0/3), 7 rebounds, 3 blocks in 29 ‘.

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Banchero-Holmgren, is immediately a first choice duel: the blue scores 20 points in one half!