Curry lights up, Gallo sings, Paul keeps the Spurs at bay. And Chicago …

Success Warriors and Hawks (with 20 points from Gallinari), Miami still loses Butler. Embiid drags Phila


Phoenix calls, Golden State answers. The two best teams of the Western Conference both won against San Antonio and Orlando respectively. Chris Paul and Steph Curry decisive. Memphis also wins, without Ja Morant, on the field of the Miami Heat (who again lose Jimmy Butler) and Chicago at home against Denver, despite the forced absence of DeMar DeRozan. Joel Embiid scores 43 points and drags Philadelphia to the success on the field of the Charlotte Hornets, while Atlanta sweeps away Minnesota with 25 triple scored (franchise record): 20 points for Danilo Gallinari. Finally, the victories of Clippers (Portland lower and lower), Indiana and Oklahoma City.

Golden State Warriors-Orlando Magic 126-95

All easy for the Warriors (20-4) who respond to the success of the Suns with the easy one on the Magic. Golden State retains first position in the West, with the same record as Phoenix, is now 13-2 at home. Orlando (5-20), who drags the second worst record in the league, is not a conclusive test: Coach Kerr can afford to sip the minutes of the owners. Curry scores 31 points in 31 minutes, Wiggins adds 28 in 30 ‘, scoring 8 triples, his personal best, the game is a Dubs monologue. The Magic have lost 7 straight away games, 9 consecutive games at Warriors, since 2012. Klay Thompson will not fly away with the team for the next round of games: he will still be doing custom work in California.
Golden State:Curry 31 (1/3, 7/13 of three, 8/8 tl), Wiggins 28, Poole 12. Rebounds: Green / Poole 7. Assists: Curry 8.

Orlando:Harris 17 (3/4, 3/6 of three, 2/3 tl), Hampton 16, Wagner 15. Rebounds: Carter 12. Assists: Wagner 6.

Phoenix Suns- San Antonio Spurs 108-104

The Spurs (8-14) fought until the last possession, giving continuity to the splendid victory gained with Golden State, and the Suns (20-4) showed themselves for what they are, a great team that knows how to win games. San Antonio was vigorous in recovering from the -16 accumulated in the 3rd period, bringing the game back into a draw, but Phoenix has shown that it has something more than the Texans. The awareness and quality of the Suns is disarming, especially in the management of the endgame. To direct the team an extraordinary Chris Paul (21 points and 10 assists), decisive with some very heavy baskets in the clutch time, in particular the three-point game of 108-102 at 17 ” from the siren. Also fundamental for Phoenix are the two triples by Cam Johnson (13 points) in the 4th quarter and 19 points with 4/10 from the arc of the “dog” Jae Crowder. San Antonio has played yet another great game of this last period, creating an opportunity to win at the home of the NBA vice champions. Something was missing in the finale to get it. One like CP3 was missing to do it. At Spurs, excellent performances by Dejounte Murray (17 points, 6 rebounds and 14 assists) and Bryn Forbes, author of 15 points off the bench.
Phoenix: Paul 21 (9/18, 2/5 of three, 1/3 tl), Crowder 19, Ayton 14. Rebounds: Ayton 9. Assists: Paul 10.

San Antonio: Murray 17 (7/12, 2/2 of three, 1/2 tl), Forbes 15, McDermott / Poeltl 14. Rebounds: Poeltl 11. Assists: Murray 14.

Miami Heat- Memphis Grizzlies 90-105

Great performance of the Memphis Grizzlies (14-10) in Miami and an extremely significant victory, the 5th in a row without their best player Ja Morant. What is surprising is not so much the character of this team or the fact that all the players are involved in both halves (the entire starting quintet in double figures for points scored) but the quality and continuity of the basketball displayed on the parquet. This time, Dillon Brooks and Desmond Bane took the stage with 21 points each, followed by an overwhelming 17-point, 16-rebound Steven Adams. Miami (14-11) had found Jimmy Butler (10 points) after 4 absent matches, only to lose him again (and for the same problem with the sacrum) in the middle of the 3rd quarter following the pain caused by a bad crash suffered at the start of the game. The Heat struggled too much to enter the game offensively, despite Tyler Herro’s 24 points and Kyle Lowry’s 17 plus 8 assists.
Miami:Herro 24 (11/19, 2/4 of three), Lowry 17, Martin 11. Rebounds: Dedmon 6. Assists: Lowry 8.

Memphis: Bane 21 (7/15, 3/8 da tre, 4/4 tl), Brooks 21, Adams 17. Rebounds: Adams 16. Assist: Brooks 8.

Chicago Bulls-Denver Nuggets 109-97

The Bulls (17-8) continue to surprise. They win even without the player of the week in the East, DeMar DeRozan, stopped by Covid. LaVine takes care of it this time to drag them, scoring 32 points. But it is the entire quintet of Coach Donovan to work: all the owners close in double figures of points, double doubles for Ball and Vucevic. The Nuggets (11-12) are Jokic and that’s it, just like a hermit. The Serbian pulls out a triple double of 17 points, 15 assists, seasonal maximum, and 12 rebounds, yet Denver loses for the eighth time in his last ten outings, losing distance after the first quarter ended 27-18 ahead.
Chicago:LaVine 32 (10/14, 3/9 three, 3/4 tl), Vucevic / Ball 20. Rebounds: Vucevic / Ball 10. Assist: LaVine / Dosunmu 8.

Denver: Barton/Morris 19, Gordon 18. Rimbalzi: Jeff Green 13. Assist: Jokic 15.

Charlotte Hornets-Philadelphia 76ers 124-127 d.t.s.

Embiid is a giant, beyond his stature. He scores 43 points shooting 15/20 from the field, above all plays 41 ‘, physically again in adequate post-Covid conditions, and drags the 76ers to success after extra time in North Carolina. Philly (13-11) thus wins two consecutive races for the first time since the beginning of November. The Hornets (14-12) have very little to blame. They were without 5 players, in the Covid protocol: in Ball, Rozier, Plumlee (three starters) and McDaniels was added in extremis as well Smith. 8 players played, Oubre shone scoring 35 points, but missing the triple to force a second overtime.
Charlotte:Oubre 35 (7/11, 6/13 da tre, 3/4 tl), Washington/Bridges 16. Rimbalzi: Washington 8. Assist: Hayward 9.

Philadelphia: Embiid 43 (14/18, 1/2 da tre, 12/14 tl), Harris 21, Milton 16. Rimbalzi: Embiid 15. Assist: Embiid 7.

Minnesota Timberwolves-Atlanta Hawks 110-121

Twenty-five triples to sign for the Hawks (13-12), franchise record. It is worth the success in the second evening of a back to back, at Wolves home (11-13). Young scores 29 points, Gallinari adds 20 from the bench and Atlanta wins despite the many absences: Bogdanovic, Reddish and Hill and Hunter were missing. To Minny, who was without Russell and Beverley, Towns’ 31 points are not enough: when you give your opponents 51% of 3 points (25/49) you preclude any possibility …
Minnesota: Towns 31 (7/18, 4/6 da tre, 5/7 tl), Beasley 24, Edwards 20. Rimbalzi: Towns 16. Assist: Edwards 7.

Atlanta:Young 29 (3/9, 4/9 from three, 11/13 tl), Luwawu-Cabarro 23, GALLINARI 20 (7/10) in 24 ‘, 5 rebounds, 2 assists.

Portland Trail Blazers-Los Angeles Clippers 90-102

Portland (11-14) is in free fall. Loses for the sixth time in the last seven outings. For the third in a row at home. This time there are extenuating circumstances: in addition to Lillard, McCollum was also missing, and Nurkic and Powell found themselves having to do everything alone, in attack. But the 18 turnovers are still too many, unjustifiable. The Clippers (13-12) were back from 4 defeats in their last 5 games. This time they stretch to the distance thanks to the last quarter dominated 25-16. The bench makes the difference: 28 points to 11.
Portland: Nurkic 31 (11/17, 1/2 da tre, 6/10 tl), Powell 29, Smith 13. Rimbalzi: Covington 10. Assist: Smith 7.

The Angels: George 21 (9/15, 0/3 from three, 3/5 tl), Morris 17. Jackson 16. Rebounds: George 8. Assist: Jackson 6.

Indiana Pacers- Washington Wizards 116-110

Important success for the Indiana Pacers (10-16) against Washington (14-11), which interrupts a series of 4 consecutive defeats in a controlled game from start to finish, expressing a continuous and effective basketball, solid in its principles just as in the ideas of his coach Rick Carlisle. The hosts built the victory on their technical certainties, starting with the “beacon” Domantas Sabonis (30 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists and 3 steals) and the “President” Malcolm Brogdon (17 points, 8 assists and 6 rebounds) ). The rest, as often happens when Indiana manages to play with balance, came by itself. The 34 points by shooting 12/19 by a masterful Bradley Beal were not enough for the Wizards.
Indiana: Sabonis 30 (11/15, 0/1 da tre, 8/8 tl), LeVert 19, Brogdon 17. Rimbalzi: Sabonis 10. Assist: Brogdon 8.

Washington:Beal 34 (12/19, 1/3 of three, 9/10 tl), Gafford 14, Kuzma 14. Rebounds: Gafford 8. Assist: Holiday 5.

Detroit Pistons-Oklahoma City Thunder 103-114

The Thunder (7-16) run away in the final and win in Detroit (4-19), thus interrupting the streak of 8 consecutive defeats (which continues, however, for the opponents). It took a partial of 25-8 in the last 5 ‘to get the better of the Pistons of an excellent Cade Cunningham (28 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists and 2 steals), among the best players seen on the court. A real joke for Detroit, which led by 16 points in the 3rd period and 12 at the start of the 4th. Okc had the merit of believing it all the way, led by its two technical leaders Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (30 points, 13 assists and 2 blocks) and Lu Dort (28 points, 2 steals and 2 blocks).
Detroit:Cunningham 28 (11/24, 6/11 from three), Grant 20, Bey 15. Rebounds: Cunningham 11. Assist: Cunningham 5.

OKC: Gilgeous-Alexander 30 (9/20, 0/2 da tre, 12/15 tl), Dort 28, Giddey/Williams 12. Rimbalzi: Bazley 8. Assist: Gilgeous-Alexander 13.

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Curry lights up, Gallo sings, Paul keeps the Spurs at bay. And Chicago …