Infinite LeBron and the Lakers smile, super Booker drags the Suns

Important successes against Sacramento and New Orleans. Memphis wins in Cleveland and is confirmed as a revelation in the West. Ok Raptors and Knicks versus Spurs and Pacers

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LeBron enchants, Westbrook is efficient this time, the Lakers seem to be on the mend, as demonstrated by their convincing success over Sacramento. Memphis, on the other hand, is confirmed as a revelation in the West, dragged by Morant to success in Cleveland. These are the highlights of the 5 games scheduled for the NBA night. The complete detail.


James at 37 still plays as an alien. Scored 31 points against the Kings, 14 in the last quarter, deciding the sprint and giving the Californians the third win in a row, fourth in the last five outings. This time he finds precious banks, he does not have to do everything alone: ​​Westbrook does not commit turnovers for the first time after 407 consecutive games, Monk and Horton-Tucker bring freshness and points as a dowry, Howard giant rebounds. In short, bending Sacramento (16-23) with some thrills is certainly not an epochal milestone, but the progress is there and the 20-19 record can also be interpreted by looking at the glass half full: the Lakers are less than half a game of distance from fifth place in the West. And they can only do better, looking forward. Kings dragged by Hield and Fox, however too confusing in the final, and mocked by an indecent referee call, an absurd two-ball, with the game still in the balance.

Los Angeles: James 31 (9/16, 3/10, 4/5 t.l.), Monk 24, Westbrook/Horton-Tucker 19. Rimbalzi: Howard 14. Assist: Horton-Tucker 6.

Sacramento: Fox 30 (10/17, 2/4, 4/4 t.l.), Hield 26, Barnes 14. Rimbalzi: Bagley 12. Assist: Haliburton 9.


Booker scores 33 points, 11 in the last quarter, and the Suns (29-8) win in Louisiana, beating the Pelicans (13-25) for the seventh time in their last nine head-to-head matches. New Orleans holds until just over 6 ‘from the end, just under 99-101, but the quality of the best team emerges from the distance, despite the many absences. In the Covid protocol, Ayton, McGee and Crowder were missing: in short, Phoenix was “short” under the basket, with Smith in the quintet supported by a 6/6 Biyombo shot from the bench. At least, last season’s finalists found Coach Williams, after 4 games of absence, positive for the virus and symptomatic. Good performances by Graham and Valanciunas for the home team, but he betrayed Ingram, only 5/18 shooting.

New Orleans: Graham 28 (3/6, 6/12, 4/5 tsp), Valanciunas 25, Ingram 16. Rimbalzi: Valanciunas 16. Assist: Graham 6.

Phoenix: Booker 33 (9/18, 3/6, 6/6 t.l.), Bridges 23, Johnson 18. Rimbalzi: Booker 9. Assist: Paul 15.


Sixth win in a row for the Grizzlies (25-14), in the sign of Morant. The franchise man scores 6 of his 26 points in the last 30 ”and gives success to Memphis, who have won 10 of the last 11 games played away from home. The guests were coached by assistant Brad Jones: Coach Jenkins absent for personal reasons. Cleveland, which has lost 4 of the last 5 races, has found Garland, out of the Covid protocol, but is still without Rondo, re-established, but who must find the best condition before making his debut, after the trade that brought him from Los Angeles to Ohio.

Cleveland: Garland 27 (6/16, 3/10, 6/6 t.l.), Allen 22, Love 18. Rimbalzi: Allen 12. Assist: Garland 10.

Memphis: Morant 26 (9/20, 0/1, 8/9 tl), Jackson 22, Clarke 13. Rebounds: Adams 11. Assist: Bane 7.


The Canadians conquer the third consecutive success by returning to exhibit a no-losing record, 17 won and 17 lost, in the running for the playoffs in the East. The hero of the evening is Fred Van Vleet, who scores 33 points for the Raptors, who score the maximum points of the season, he is on the third consecutive over 30. There were only the family members of the players at the game, for the local anti-pandemic protocol. The Spurs (14-22), who have Covid McDermott, Walker and Cacok in the protocol, plus Murray out because he has not yet recovered from the virus, are on the fourth consecutive knockout: a good Poeltl, the former on duty, is not enough.

Toronto: Van Vleet 33 (5/9, 7/14, 2/2 tl), Trent 21, Siakam 18. Rimbalzi: Siakam 12. Assist: Barnes 8.

San Antonio: Poeltl 19 (9/13, 1/5 tl), Vassell / Primo 15. Rebounds: Poeltl 12. Assists: Jones / Johnson / Primo / Poeltl 4.


Randle exudes upon his return, after exiting the Covid protocol. The long gives Coach Thibodeau a performance of 30 points and 16 rebounds and the Knicks (18-20), with Barrett as well in the evening of grace, return to win. The Pacers (14-24) were without half a team, with Brogdon, LeVert, Duarte, Warren, Martin, Jackson and Bitadze kept out of the anti-pandemic protocol, the long-term McConnell was also missing. In these conditions Indiana, in the fifth defeat in a row, holds a time, the first, closed on 55 all, but then has to surrender.

New York: Barrett 32 (10/15, 2/5, 6/8 t.l.), Randle 30, Burks 14. Rimbalzi: Randle 16. Assist: Randle/Burks 4.

Indiana: Sykes 22 (4/8, 4/8, 2/3 t.l.), Washington 17, Sabonis/Craig 15. Rimbalzi: Sabonis 8. Assist: Sykes 6.

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Infinite LeBron and the Lakers smile, super Booker drags the Suns