New York is of the Nets: so Durant and Harden have folded the Knicks

Spectacular derby in front of 18,081 spectators, Durant’s free throws in the final decisive

An intense, fun and sometimes even spectacular derby at the end rewards the Nets (15-6) who, in front of 18,081 spectators, an absolute record for the Barclays Center, manage to get the better of the Knicks (11-10) 112-110. The stars are shining, with Harden hurting the defense of New York in the first half to leave the stage then to Durant in the final, the audience is having fun and there is also room for some controversy for the referee meter, a derby that does not therefore it misses nothing.

The match

Coach Thibodeau starts with Burks in the quintet after making the decision to remove Kemba Walker from the installment, but the Knicks lose Barrett after a few minutes, knocked out by the flu. Harden immediately makes it clear that he is in the evening of grace, KD, on the other hand, starts with the handbrake on but the Nets after such a start wake up in the final of the first quarter and try to take the reins of the match in hand. Rose and Burks do not cooperate, the Knicks produce their best basketball in the second half and return to the front, closing the first half with a 61-60 lead. The derby gives emotions and good basketball with Randle and his teammates responding blow for blow to the two Brooklyn soloists.

I draw it out

The third quarter, however, opens in the worst possible way for the visiting team. Two triples from Mills set the stage for the Nets who score the first 14 points of the third fraction and run away. Randle and Rose try to draft an answer, Fournier’s triples also arrive and the Knicks, after approaching the abyss, forcefully return to the game. Brooklyn becomes confused in attack, the ball stops spinning around the perimeter and New York takes advantage of it, closing a third quarter that looks like an eight-wheeler with a 16-4 break. All to be redone for the Nets who get nervous and collect the counter-overtaking at the opening of the fourth period.

The answer

The ace in the hole of Nash, however, is called Kevin Durant who changes gear in the final minutes regaining confidence with the basket. The game is played point by point, with Randle who also sees a very expensive coach whistling at 1m36 ” from the siren (“The referees told me that some contacts don’t boo me because of my physique, I find it absurd, they can’t penalize me for this “will say at the end, very angry, the Knicks player), and Brooklyn seems to arrive very close to the finish line when with Durant’s free throws he returns to +3 at 27 ” from the siren. Brooklyn, however, has to deal with Fournier who frees himself with a beautiful movement on the perimeter to then find the triple of the draw with 17 ” from the end. A really nice derby is then decided by the last possession. Ball to Durant who, doubled, decides not to force but serves Johnson who is sent to the line by Mitchell’s foul two seconds from the end of the match. 2/2 for the long of the Nets, Fournier’s prayer from sidereal distance finds only the iron and Brooklyn so he can breathe a sigh of relief.

Brooklyn:Harden 34 (8/12, 3/8, 9/10 tl), Durant 27, Thomas 12. Rebbalzi: Harden 10. Assist: Durant 9.

New York:Burks 25 (5/11, 4/10, 3/4 tl), Randle 24, Rose 16. Rimbalzi: Randle 9. Assist: Rose 9.

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New York is of the Nets: so Durant and Harden have folded the Knicks