Novak Djokovic – the closeness to nationalism and esotericism – tennis, Australian Open

Novak Djokovic was skeptical of the vaccination against the coronavirus from the start. He did not make his vaccination status public for a long time, only said that he “personally against vaccinations” may be. In the court hearing about his visa, he was specifically asked whether he had been vaccinated against Covid-19. “I am not vaccinated”answered Djokovic According to the course of the conversation published by the authorities, after two inquiries. He made this clear for the first time.

The unvaccinated Djokovic achieved partial success in court by granting him freedom of movement in Australia. “Through the process, he can become a figurehead of vaccination skeptics and corona deniers”, says Srdjan Govedarica, Correspondent at ARD-Studio Vienna.

Bizarre assumptions: Positive energy from pyramids, water reacts to what is said

“Djokovic is also known for his certain penchant for esotericism”, says Govedarica. I know you are Djokovic regular visitors to mountains in Bosnia, considered among esotericists “Bosnian Pyramids” be referred to to deal with “positive energy” to charge. Djokovic sometimes expressed other bizarre assumptions.

For example, he claimed that “Scientists have proven in an experiment that molecules in water react to our emotions and to what is said”. Some people would have done it too “the power of prayer and gratitude managed to turn the dirtiest water into wholesome water”.

The virus took Djokovic not particularly serious at the beginning of the pandemic either. He organized the “Adria Tour”, a tournament series with international travel movements and attendees Fans. During the tournament in Wimbledon had been canceled and football had only just succeeded in resuming play in front of empty stands with detailed hygiene concepts Djokovics The tournament will run like in the time before the pandemic, even with numerous Fans. After a few Matches and multiple infections among players, including Djokovic, the tournament was canceled.

Nationalist figures as companions

Djokovic is a folk hero in Serbia, he met several times with nationalist forces. “Djokovic also said ‘Kosovo is Serbia’, but he did not attract attention as an active prophetist”, says Govedarica. Djokovic never provided a distance between himself and dubious characters – on the contrary. He posed with the commander of the unit “Drina Wolves“who participated in the genocide of Srebrenica was involved in 1995. Around 8,000 people were killed because of their Muslim faith.

At a wedding party he appeared with the Bosnian-Serb nationalist leader Milorad Dodik. This man is the dominant politician in the Serbian part of Bosnia, the Republic Srpska – He advocates secession from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Family speaks of “imprisonment”, Serbia’s President of “harassment”

The nationalist note is lost in the argument Djokovics Visa inevitably emerges. That also the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic wanting to turn the case into a state affair is probably only partially a coincidence – in Serbia there will be elections soon. “I had a phone call with him and told him that all of Serbia is with him”said Vucic and described the actions of the Australian authorities as “Chicane”.

One defends in the family too Djokovic with national pathos. His father Srdan Djokovic said at a press conference in Belgrade that his son “Is held in captivity. Novak is Serbia and Serbia is Novak. If you trample on Novak, you trample on Serbia and the Serbian people.”

Entry permitted for the time being, but participation in the tournament unclear

Djokovic is now no longer in the hotel for persons obliged to leave the country. A court on Monday upheld his objection to the denial of his entry to Australia. Numerous Fans celebrated in front of the office building of his lawyers Melbourne, the crowd was broken up by the police. Whether he is actually still on the Australian Open may participate is still unclear.

On December 16 Djokovic have found out about their second corona infection. But the timing raises questions, because he then took part in several appointments without a mask. The Australian immigration minister can still make use of his personal rights and revoke the Serbian visa again. That decision is still pending.

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Novak Djokovic – the closeness to nationalism and esotericism – tennis, Australian Open