OLED and 8K TVs at the best prices on Black Friday

On Black Friday there are tempting bargains in the electronics sector. The most popular purchases are televisions. In particular, TVs from 55 inches are the minimum size in many German living rooms.

The search for a suitable device is usually difficult in the confusing jungle of offers. Often it is not only unclear whether the TV is technically good, but also whether the price is really cheap. TECHBOOK will look for a worthwhile Black Friday TV offer for you. We always find the best TV bargains for you.

The best TV deals for Black Friday week

The times when a good television set had to cost 2,000 euros are long gone. There are now devices for a few hundred euros on which you can not only watch TV properly, but also use all the important smart functions. It is very clear that expensive OLED televisions can of course deliver an even better picture. The question that every user has to ask is: Do I really need the best possible picture or is a good to very good one enough for me? Anyone who is not exactly an absolute cineast or is planning to get the last percent of power out of their upcoming next-gen console, usually gets better with a cheap television.

The devices selected here have everything that is currently expected from a television. In addition to the ultra-sharp 4K UHD resolution, they are all equipped with smart functions. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Sky and other streaming services can therefore be watched directly on the device.

LG OLED A19LA for 879 Euro 777 Euro (-12%)

TV sets with OLED displays are among the best that one can buy at the moment. Usually they are correspondingly expensive. But for Black Friday week, Media Markt and Saturn offer the LG OLED A19LA for less than 800 euros – the 55-inch TV has never been cheaper! Technically, it is currently equipped. It comes with a 4K panel with Dolby Vision IQ and HDR10, has a triple tuner, LG’s AI ThinQ, FreeSync, G-sync and Art Gallery and can be controlled by voice via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. The LG OLED is going to be smart A19LA thanks to WebOS with a corresponding number of apps. It also supports AirPlay 2. The connections include three HDMI ports, a CI + slot, two USB connections as well as LAN, WLAN and Bluetooth.

At Media Markt and Saturn there is the television for Black Friday for cheap 777 euros. An OLED TV can hardly be found cheaper at the moment. The cheapest comparison price is around 100 euros more.

LG NANO 999NA for 1999,99 Euro 1499,99 Euro (-25)

If you want the hottest thing that is currently available on the television market, you will find it on Black Friday at Media Markt. The dealer sells the 8K TV LG NANO 999NA with 65 inch LCD screen for 1499.99 euros. Compared to the next cheapest price, buyers save a whopping 25 percent or 500 euros. The 8K resolution makes the TV so special that it is only just beginning to move into the living room. In addition, the device offers LG’s well-known Web OS system, for which there are many apps, four HDMI and three USB ports as well as Bluetooth support. The sound is output via 4.2 loudspeakers with 60 watts and supported by Dolby Atmos. Gamers will be happy about the 100 Hz panel, which also supports technologies such as Dolby Vision, HDR10, Full Array Dimming and TruMotion. USB recording (PVR ready), a timer function and time-shifted television (Time Shift) are supported by the LG NANO 999NA also.

Philips OLED855 / 12 for 1449,99 Euro 1099 Euro (-27%)

The Philips TV is available at the best price in the current Black Friday week. It’s one of the best OLED TVs Philips has put on the market. Philips relies on the so-called “Ambilight” for its TV sets, a room lighting developed by the manufacturer that throws the colors of the TV picture onto the wall behind and to the side. In the case of a soccer game, for example, it then lights up green. A nice effect that literally sucks you into the television picture. It can also be turned off on request. Technically, the Philips OLED855 / 12 also has a lot to offer. This includes a 4K OLED screen with HDR10 + and Dolby Vision, a triple tuner and Android TV with a corresponding number of apps. The television also has four HDMI connections and voice control via Alexa or Google Assistant. In the tests, the very good image quality was particularly praised. Image sharpness, viewing angles and contrasts were convincing.

Instead of 1,500 euros, the 55-inch Philips OLED855 / 12 is currently available for 1,099 euros. That makes a discount of at least 27 percent. It is available at this price from Media Markt and Saturn.

The TV is also available for those who want it bigger. The version with a 65-inch display diagonal is currently available for 1499 euros. Usually this model costs around 1949 euros.

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LG OLED CX9LA for 1169 Euro 999 Euro (-15%)

A 55-inch TV, OLED display, lots of apps and also at a good price? Here you go, this is the LG OLED CX9LA. It’s available for Black Friday today at the absolute best price of 999 euros at Media Markt and Saturn. The TV has been rated with a very good grade of 1.4 and is pretty to look at with its narrow bezels and compact stand. It also has some technical highlights to offer. This includes not only the app-compatible Web OS, but also display technologies such as HDR 10, Dolby Vision, OLED Montion Pro, Pixel Dimming, 4K AI Upscaling and HDR Dynamic Tone Mapping Pro, which ensure an overall very clear, natural and yet ensure a strong color image. Of the LG OLED The CX9LA has four HDMI ports, three USB ports, supports WLAN, Miracast and Bluetooth and is very easy to connect.

If you order the television on Black Friday from Media Markt or Saturn, you will get it home free of charge. The device usually costs at least 170 euros more.

Philips Ambilight PUS 7906/12 for 619 Euro 499 Euro (-7%)

This Philips TV also has Ambilight backlighting. Unlike the upper model, however, buyers here get a TV with an LED panel. But the price is also very cheap. The 4K display from Philips can reproduce both HDR10 + and Dolby Vision and delivers a good picture in bright surroundings. Content comes to the TV via a triple tuner or via the Internet (WLAN and Ethernet). Philips uses Google’s Android TV, which guarantees users a variety of apps. Operation is via a remote control, which is not only equipped with its own buttons for Netflix, Amazon video and YouTube, but also has a microphone for voice control. The Philips PUS 7906 has four HDMI inputs, Bluetooth, an analog input – e.g. for older game consoles – and USB ports including a USB recording function. The manufacturer has improved the sound compared to previous generations – it now sounds more natural, but still lacks a bit of spatial depth. However, this shortcoming can be compensated for with a soundbar.

Media Markt and Saturn sell the 55-inch screen for 499 euros. This is currently the best price. Interested parties can also get the TV in a smaller size on request. The 43-inch version is available for a slightly cheaper 444 euros.

Samsung Neo QN90A for 1053 Euro 934,99 Euro (-11%)

Samsung often uses QLED technology for its televisions. It offers many of the advantages of OLED panels, including a high contrast ratio and rich colors. The Samsung QN90A Neo also comes with a QLED display. The television is a very current model from October 2021 and therefore offers modern equipment. 4K, triple tuner, Tizen OS, Bluetooth and four HDMI are available here, among other things. Of the QN90A Neo also allows voice control via Google Assistant, Bixby or Alexa, supports Miracast and HDR10 +.

Anyone who opted for the Samsung QN90A Neo with 43-inch panel decides, gets the TV on Amazon at the current best price of 934.99 euros. At Media Markt and Saturn, the device costs 999.99 euros each. The next cheapest offer in other shops is 1053 euros including shipping costs – around 11 percent more.

What are the differences between TVs

The price range of different televisions is sometimes enormous. New televisions are already available for a few hundred euros. These already have all the necessary smart functions, look very chic on the outside and come from well-known manufacturers. So why do other models often cost a multiple of the cheapest models?

The answer is clear: size isn’t everything. Rather, the built-in hardware is responsible for the difference. More expensive components such as panels for OLED or QLED televisions are superior to most conventional LED TVs in terms of picture quality. But that doesn’t mean that they simply have a higher resolution. Because the 4K Ultra-HD resolution is now the standard for almost all models on offer. Rather, the more advanced and more expensive technology often provides a better picture in terms of colors and fluid display.

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OLED and 8K TVs at the best prices on Black Friday