Hockey Club Deportivo Liceo survives the hit of the pandemic and maintains budget

Hockey Club Deportivo Liceo: survive and win. The A Coruña hockey club, which has the male and female category in the highest Spanish divisions, maintains the budget of 600,000 euros for the 2021-2022 season. With this capital, the entity seeks to face important trips that it must make throughout the season and that lead it to play every two weeks on the other side of the peninsula.

Most of the clubs in the men’s OK Liga and the women’s OK Liga are located in Catalonia. Specifically, eleven of the fourteen teams that play the competition are Catalans, both in the men’s and women’s leagues, and the Galician club crosses the country to play most of the away matches. However, the vice president of the entity, Emilio Fernández keeps your goals in surviving and winning titles.

For this, the Galician entity maintains last season’s budget, which allowed them to close the year with a zero deficit. The vice president assures that it can be fulfilled, despite the fact that after the pandemic, the club stopped having a fundamental sponsor, which allowed it to fly to Catalonia for free. “We had an agreement with Vueling, which allowed us to travel and travel at zero cost ”, explains Emilio Fernández, vice president of the Hockey Club Deportivo Liceo.

In addition to the support of the airline, the club has also stopped billing other items such as ticket offices or income from European meetings due to the pandemic. “There are games that are unknown and there is nothing worse than uncertainty”, highlights the vice president.

Last season, Club Hockey Deportivo Liceo’s income was divided into three main items. First, sponsors, who account for 40% of revenue for the entity. Among them is, Deportivo de La Coruña, who plays in the First Rfef of Spanish football. The entity reached an agreement with the Liceo Hockey Club to assign its naming rights, so now the club is called Club Hockey Deportivo Liceo. The entity also has the sponsorship of the Hijos de Rivera society that includes the Estrella Galicia and Cabreiroá brands, as well as Hockey Global, Abanca and Ibis Hotels, among others. Likewise, it also has the support of local brands.

In second place, the financing of the Public Administrations represents another 40% of the club’s income. The Xunta de Galicia, the Diputación da Coruña and the City Council make a contribution that the entity considers “vital”. “The Lyceum project would be unfeasible without the help of the administrationsThey collaborate with us in many projects such as the Copa del Rey, ”says Fernández.

Third, there are the income for ticketing, which represent 20% of your income. The club has 2,000 members and a social mass of 8,000 followers, since Deportivo de La Coruña members can subscribe to the hockey club for five euros. “6,000 subscribers come from Deportivo de La Coruña, this represents an income of 30,000 euros”, Explains the vice president.

The presence of spectators in the halls is essential for the club, although the quality of the broadcasts is also important to generate audiences. “It is a sport in which you play with a very small ball and the quality has to be good for it to be attractive,” explains the vice president, who considers that the presence of spectators is the key to generating audiences, increasing sponsorships and winning. in investments for games such as player signings. “It is a wheel: if people approach the pavilion and you appear in the media, the brands support you, you earn money and you make better signings that accompany the result of having a good show.”

Hockey Club Deportivo Liceo has the particularity of being a college club that competes in the elite. Currently, three categories play their games in three different national leagues: the OK Men’s League; the OK Women’s League; and the OK Silver League. Nevertheless, the club suffers that most of the trips are to Catalonia, due to the large presence of teams from the region in the top hockey categories in Spain.

“Sports merits impact the club’s economy, every two weeks we compete far with what this entails: flights, buses, meals and lodging,” says the vice president. “We don’t want this to be a problem, we want to win titles“, Add.

So that this is not a problem, as the vice president assures, the club reinvents itself every year through the search for new sponsors, their support and local brands, as well as the Xunta de Galicia, the Diputación de La Coruña and the Coruña City Council. “We contain expenses and seek support from local brands and institutions,” says Fernández.

Regarding the base, Fernández assures that “hockey is very attractive for the spectators and for the practitioners”. In the most basic courses of the Lyceum they have a subject that is skating and in many classes players of the highest categories come together, which generates that the little ones meet referents.

Encouraging hockey in schools not only in Galicia, but in the entire territory, is one of the objectives of the Hockey Club Deportivo Liceo so that this sport is not focused on autonomy but rather is a national discipline.

Despite the circumstances, The entity, which turns fifty in 2022, has 42 official titles in its record. “We are a good club, the most complicated are the circumstances and what we spend on trips we could spend on players”, highlights the vice president of the club.

The club’s structure has a board of six people and three on the staff who are dedicated to administration. The club has 300 licenses and twenty teams in all categories apart from the school.

The club has kept the squad of the first team from last year for this season with the same players and has even added some reinforcement, Despite the competition that exists with Portugal. “There are always players who have offers from Portugal and for economic reasons they leave,” says Fernández. “It is a stronger league than ours and that has the support of football,” he adds.

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Hockey Club Deportivo Liceo survives the hit of the pandemic and maintains budget