Pro Basketball Manager 2022, basketball and video games on Steam

The definitive video game for basketball fans from Spain, Europe and the world has returned. Become the coach of your favorite basketball team and take it to the top.

Have you ever dreamed of what could have happened in that World Cup final if you had been in charge of the national team? What if you could rewrite what happened in those Olympics finals against the United States?

Pro Basketball Manager 2022 it’s here

In PBM22 no matter where you’re from. Here you can participate in more than 70 international leagues, 11 continental competitions and more than 40 national cups from 57 different countries, including three men’s leagues and one Spanish women’s, as well as the most important Latin American leagues such as Mexico, Argentina and Brazil.

Pro Basketball Manager 2022, basketball video game

Do you have coach material?

Well, you better.

Because in PBM22 You will not only have to find diamonds in the rough hidden in the fields of half the world, but also to train them and turn them into the stars of tomorrow. It may take months, but in the meantime, you’ll be able to hire any of the more than 30,000 professional players at your disposal, as long as you can afford their salary. If you decide to play in the North American league, it will be necessary to fight the contracts and avoid paying the luxury tax; in others, the main thing will be to get the desired player without going over the budget.

Pro Basketball Manager 2022, basketball video game

Do you have your particular Dream Team ready?

Cool! But they are nothing without you.

Before each match, check your team’s physical condition, their statistics and create the best plays to choose the most suitable one at the decisive moment of each match. But if this isn’t enough, don’t give up: change your strategy and concentrate your defense, make more aggressive attacks and do whatever it takes to win. You decide if you play the matches live with our 3D / 2D engine or if you prefer to skip them and see the result directly.

Glory is waiting for you, but it would not like to see you with empty pockets.

You need a solvent team, but that is also in your hands. Dare to renovate the field and the stadium, expand its capacity, market merchandising or raise the price of tickets when you see fit because who wouldn’t pay to see the best team in the world in action?

If you are one of the many customers satisfied with the 2021 edition, you should know that at Umix Studios, we have listened to all your suggestions and now, PMB22 allows database editing (players, skills, etc.), It offers improved 3D animations and fully customizable courts, as well as a new user interface that will certainly improve your playing experience. You have all the information you need just a couple of clicks away!

If you want more information or want to know what leagues are available for this basketball video game available for Windows and macOS on Steam, visit this link:

Pro Basketball Manager he’s back.

And now, it’s better than ever.

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Pro Basketball Manager 2022, basketball and video games on Steam