Stars who passed through the Carrasco Lawn Tennis remembered the Uruguay Open

David nalbandian

“I send a big greeting to all the people of Montevideo and Carrasco Lawn Tennis. The truth is that I have spectacular memories of those first tournaments that we played there, and it went well for us, when we had every hope of continuing to be professionals and push forward. One of the best memories I have is from there. A big greeting”

Diego Schwartzman

“I did not want to be absent in these 20 years that the Uruguayan challenger has completed. There I had very beautiful moments, I won the tournament, and I also suffered at other times, but the truth is that it is always a pleasure to go to compete in Uruguay. Every moment I was there I enjoyed it to the fullest. I get along very well with the organization, I have a great relationship with them and I think that despite not having been there in recent years because I am playing other tournaments, I always enjoy it from a distance through watching some games. I hope that Uruguay will continue to enjoy it and that many more anniversaries will continue to be celebrated. A hug to all of you and I hope you have a great time this year. “

Fernando Gonzalez

“I want to send a big greeting to the Uruguay Open for its 20 years and congratulate them because Diego Pérez and Carrasco Lawn Tennis have done an excellent job. I always have the best memories and the desire to return because you can feel the energy, love and dedication of the people. Congratulations and may 20, 30, 50 more years come. “

Guillermo Coria

“I wanted to send you a big hug and congratulations on these 20 years. I have so many beautiful memories of that great tournament. A big hug, Greetings, friends “

The friends that are never missing

Andres Gomez

“Greetings for the 20 years of the Uruguay Open on the South American circuit. It’s really amazing. We have had many experiences together, and the ones that I remember the most, apart from the times we had to play against, we had to practice together, or share tournaments, it was the first time I saw you at the South American in Montevideo at Carrasco Lawn Tennis, when you were I think 12 years old. There began a friendship that has been maintained and that has been part of our history as tennis players. “

John McEnroe

“Congratulations Diego for the 20 years of the Uruguay Open. You have been a great promoter for a long time, even before we had activities together. We have traveled all over the world, through Europe, South America, and we have had great moments together. I’m not going to mention the game at Forest Hills so we stay positive. The most important thing is that you are a great friend. May the successes continue there in the south. I hope we see each other soon.”

Mats Wilander

“Congratulations on the 20 years of the Uruguay Open. You have had the best players in South America there: Juan Martín del Potro, David Nalbandian, Gastón Gaudio, Nicolás Massú, Fernando González. You basically had them all in the tournament. Well done Diego, congratulations on these 20 years. “

José Luis Clerc

“I want to congratulate for the 20 years that this great tournament has been going on. Many figures have passed, from Nalbandian, Gaudio, Pablo Cuevas. I really congratulate you Diego for the tournament and I hope you keep doing it because it is very important for the entire region. A big hug and good, good luck. “

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Stars who passed through the Carrasco Lawn Tennis remembered the Uruguay Open