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Argentina will be home, the first presentation in six years, in the exFed Cup on February 5 and 6 against Kazakhstan for the 2021 playoffs and no less than La Catedral will host the most important team competition in women’s tennis.

Argentina will be local again in the Billie Jean King Cup after six years and it will be in the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club, next February 5 and 6, for the series before Kazakhstan corresponding to the 2021 playoffs of the most important team competition in women’s tennis.

The series, for a place in the 2022 Qualifiers, will be played to the best of five points – four singles and one doubles, in three-set matches, on Friday 5 and Saturday 6 February at the Court Central Guillermo Vilas, on brick dust.

In this way, the national team will return after 17 years to La Catedral, where throughout history he played a total of four series, the first of them in 1998, against Slovakia, and the last against Russia, in 2004. Also, it will be the first home presentation in six years, after the defeat to Spain in April 2015, in the World Group II play-offs.

With almost three months to go before the series against Kazakhstan, Captain Mercedes Paz referred to the growth of Argentine women’s tennis, with the great performance of Nadia Podoroska (48 ° WTA) en Roland Garros and the consolidation of a group of female players that returned to competitions in different parts of the world.

Paula Ormaechea (282nd in the world and a 19-11 mark in the BJK Cup, record for the most singles wins with Florencia Labat), Victoria Bosio (453°), Lourdes Carlé (currently 475 °, which will advance about 40 places in the next update), Guillermina Naya (548 °) and Jazmín Ortenzi (692 °) complete the group of players closely followed by the Argentine captain.

Nadia Podoroska

Regarding the location, Paz commented: “It is a dream that the Billie Jean King is played in such a beautiful setting as the Buenos Aires Lawn Tennis Club. Hopefully you can play with an audience in the stands, because that would make the girls feel the support of their people. We are very excited to enjoy two very beautiful days and to do our best on the pitch “.

Podoroska, who holds a record of 12 wins and 5 losses in the BJK Cup, declared days ago to the official website of the competition: “The great desire in the Billie Jean King Cup is to beat Kazakhstan in February, I think it is a nice challenge for the team. And thinking ahead, what else I want to reach the World Group with Argentina and play the Finals “.

Agustín Calleri, President of the Argentine Tennis Association, stated: “We are living a great moment for Argentine women’s tennis and not only because of Nadia Podoroska, who is our standard bearer, but also because of many young players who have been showing great progress in their careers and others who are making a place in very competitive tournaments. . It will be very nice to see them compete in our country, with the National Team jersey, after so long”.

La Billie Jean King Cup:

It was known as Federation Cup (1963-1995) and Fed Cup (1995-2020) and is currently called the BJK Cup for the 50th anniversary of the International Tennis Federation (ITF). It is the largest international team competition in women’s sport, with 116 nations participating in 2020. Last September it was renamed with the aim of “Align with a global icon that has dedicated himself to fighting injustice, inequality and discrimination in all its forms”.

Source: Argentine Tennis Association

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The Billie Jean King Cup returns to the Buenos Aires Lawn tennis Club after 17 years – TyC Sports