The Golden Generation

Between 2004 and 2018 the Hípico achieved outstanding performances in tournaments of the Unión Cordobesa and the Unión Argentina. He was champion and runner-up of the Official of our province, achieved three third places and a fourth; but he also played national and interprovincial level tournaments where he won two cups and a runner-up

In 2002 there will be changes in the dispute format of the Cordovan Rugby Union. Jockey came from being seventh and tenth in the previous two seasons, and that year he will finish ninth and, in the next, eighth.

At that time, in the upper squad that was directed by Juan Pigni (in those years he was accompanied in the coaching staff by Víctor Matcovich, Eduardo Soriano, Horacio Nonis, Pablo Sessarego, among others), a generational change took place. With several members of Los Dogos and some players who had more experience and who had been champions in 1998, they begin an unforgettable cycle for the rugby of the club and the city.

A “Golden Generation” emerges, with players who will receive calls for national teams and Córdoba teams in subsequent seasons. A brilliant cycle will begin that will achieve an Official Championship (2009), a runner-up (2008), three third places (2005, 2006 and 2016), one fourth (2010) and two fifths (2007 and 2011).

He will also play eight editions of the Interior B Tournament, in 2004 (runner-up), 2005 (semi-finalist), 2009 (sixth), 2010, 2011, 2014, 2015 (semi-finalist) and 2018.

It will also add the titles of the Centro Tournament (2013) and the Amistad Cup Center Tournament (2016). The Center Tournament also plays it in 2007 and 2008 (quarterfinals).

In 2017 he will also participate in the Nacional de Clubes.

This golden stage is detailed below, year by year, and the following years that, without several of the players, continued to achieve outstanding participation.

Year 2004 – Runner-up Tournament of Interior B

He finishes fifth in the Official Cordovan Union Tournament and qualifies for Interior B and plays the final. He wins his zone, in the quarterfinals he defeats Old Lions of Santiago del Estero by 50 to 20, in the semifinals to Mar del Plata RC by 27 to 12 away, in the final he falls 16 to 13 at home against Tucumán Lawn Tennis.

Year 2005 – Third place

He starts third and for the first time in his history he plays a semifinal. He falls to Córdoba Athletic (then champion) by 40 to 22. He achieves third place by defeating La Tablada by 22 to 19. He qualifies for the 2006 Downtown Tournament.

He participates in the Nacional de Clubes B and loses in the semifinals against Carrasco Polo by 19 to 15, in a match played in Montevideo that became his first official match played in another country.

Year 2006 – Third place

He is third again in the Cordoba tournament. He plays his second semifinal and loses 28-12 to Tala RC. For the third place he defeated Córdoba Rugby by 13 to 5.

Year 2007 – Fifth

After finishing third in Zone A during the first round, he played the final of the Reclassification and obtained fifth place in the Official Kadicard Cup, qualifying for the 2007 Downtown Tournament. He finished third in Zone A, behind Universitario and Duendes de Rosario. The fourth place went to Córdoba Rugby. Win one match and lose two.

Year 2008 – Runners-up

Play your first final. In the semifinals he beat Tala RC 23 to 17 and in the final he lost to Córdoba Athletic by 17 to 12, achieving his first runner-up and climbing to the provincial podium for the second time. He qualifies for the 2008 Downtown Tournament, where he wins his zone undefeated, defeating Estudiantes de Paraná, Jockey de Córdoba and Duendes de Rosario. In the quarterfinals he defeated Club Rugby Ateneo Inmaculada (CRAI) of Santa Fe and in the semifinals he lost to Universitario de Rosario.

On September 12, 2009 the Jockey will experience his most memorable day. The Official achieves in the first final in history that is played in the same Mario Kempes Stadium by beating La Tablada by 12 to 10

Year 2009 – Champions

Champion of the Kadicard Cup Official Tournament is enshrined for the first time in its history. In the semifinals he defeated Tala RC by 19 to 12 and in the final he defeated La Tablada by 12 to 10, with an unforgettable drop from his opening Nicolás “Fefe” Ferreyra. It was the first time a rugby final has been played at the current Mario A. Kempes Stadium.

They qualify for the 2009 Interior Tournament, where they win Group A, defeating San Ignacio de Mar del Plata, Jockey Club and Gimnasia y Esgrima (both from Rosario) and against Sporting (Mar del Plata). In the quarterfinals he loses to Duendes de Rosario. He goes on to play in the key from 5th to 8th place, where he defeats Tucumán Lawn Tennis and then loses to La Tablada, achieving sixth place.

Year 2010 – Semifinalist

Play for the fourth time in a semifinal and finish fourth in the Official Kadicard Cup Tournament. He lost in the semifinals against Córdoba Athletic by 53 to 7 and for third place he was defeated by Tala RC by 38 to 12. He qualified to play the Interior B Tournament, where in the first phase he defeated Universitario y Gimnasia y Esgrima de Rosario and Jockey From Cordoba. In the second phase, he lost to Neuquén RC, Universitario de Santa Fe and Lince RC de Tucumán.

Year 2011 – Fifth place

In the Official Citi Cup Tournament, he finishes third in his area, during the first phase. Then, he is the winner of the Silver Liguilla, finishing in fifth place in the tournament. He qualifies for the 2011 Interior B Tournament. He integrates Zone C where he finishes third and fails to qualify for the next round. He lost to Estudiantes de Paraná and Los Tordos de Mendoza and said goodbye with a victory against Mendoza RC.

Year 2012

In the first phase of the Official Citi Cup Tournament, he finishes sixth. In the second phase he finishes fourth, and goes on to play the Permanence, where he stays with first place. Subsequently, he plays the Qualifying League for the 2013 Interior Tournament, where he finishes in fourth place.

Year 2013 – Champion of the Center Tournament

In the Official Glooday Cup, Zone A of the first phase wins, but then in the second phase called Championship Zone, it finishes in seventh place. He goes on to play the Reclassification, where he loses in the game for seventh and eighth place, against San Martín. He qualifies to play the 2013 Downtown Tournament where he is champion. He wins in his Zone B, after beating Old Resian and Logaritmo (both from Rosario) and draws against Universitario de Córdoba. In the quarterfinals he eliminates Paraná Rowing, beats Palermo Bajo in the semifinals and in the final he is defeated by Círculo Rafaelino de Rugby (CRAR de Rafaela). Qualify for the 2014 Interior B Tournament.

Year 2014

He begins the year playing the Interior Tournament, where he finishes third in Zone B and fails to qualify for the second round. He beats Estudiantes de Paraná and then loses with Tenis Tucumán Lawn and against Jockey de Salta.

In the Official Tournament of Córdoba he finishes seventh in the first phase and in the Championship Phase he also culminates in seventh place. Qualify for the 2015 Interior Tournament.

Year 2015

He begins the year participating in the Tournament of Interior B. In Zone 2, he defeats Regatas de Resistencia, Estudiantes de Paraná and loses with CURNE (Northeast University Club) of Resistencia. In the quarterfinals he defeated Gimnasia and Tiro de Salta by 17-16. In the semifinals he loses home to the aforementioned CURNE by 33 to 20.

In the Official Tournament of Córdoba, he is third in Zone 2 in the First Phase. He goes to the Championship Zone, where he finishes sixth. In the Reclassification for the Interior B Tournament, he lost to Universitario and defeated Jockey de Córdoba for seventh place, achieving a place to play that tournament again.

Year 2016 – Third in Córdoba

He participates again in the Tournament of the Interior B. In Zone 4 he loses with Jockey de Córdoba, defeats Natación y Gimnasia de Tucumán and then falls before Los Tordos de Mendoza. They finish third in their group.

In the Official Tournament of Córdoba he is sixth in the first phase. He goes on to play the Championship Zone, where he finishes third. Play in the final home run, losing to Urú Curé and Tala RC, and then beat Jockey de Córdoba, achieving third place and climbing the provincial podium again.

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On October 14, 2017, they beat Córdoba Rugby by 35 to 14 at home and won the Friendship Cup of the Central Region rugby tournament.

Year 2017 – Friendship Cup Champion

He begins the year playing the Nacional de Clubes and finishes third in his Zone 2, after playing two-wheel matches, back and forth, against Pucará from Buenos Aires, Cardenales de Tucumán from Old Christians from Uruguay.

In the Official Tournament of Córdoba, in the first phase he finishes third in Zone B. He qualifies for Super 8 where he finishes eighth. Play the Reclassification for fifth place in the tournament and lose with Urú Curé and Jockey de Córdoba, remaining in eighth place. Qualify for the 2018 Interior B Tournament.

He gets a place to play the 2017 Friendship Cup Downtown Tournament and is consecrated champion. In the first phase, the teams are divided into two zones, with teams from Córdoba and the Coast. They meet in interzonal matches where they beat Tilcara de Entre Ríos, Universitario de Rosario and Córdoba Rugby. He starts first in Zone A and plays the final against the winner of Zone B, whom he defeats 35-14.

Year 2018

He begins the year playing the Tournament of Interior B and starts first in Zone B, beating Aranduronga de Resistencia, Tilcara de Paraná, and Santiago Lawn Tennis, as a visitor. In the quarterfinals he loses to Universitario de Mar del Plata, at home.

Later, in the Official Tournament of Córdoba, he finished fourth in Zone A, he played Super 8, where he finished in seventh place. In the Reclassification for fifth place, he lost to Palermo Bajo and then beat Universitario, achieving seventh place.

Year 2019

Play the Tournament of the Center (the teams of the Cordovan Union are united with the Andean Union, that is to say Catamarca and La Rioja). In the first phase he finishes sixth. Play the home run for fifth place, lose to Tala RC and then to Universitario. Finish in eighth place.

Year 2020

The tournament is canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Year 2021

In a year with some interruptions, he began playing the Preparation Tournament and only played one game, beating San Martín in the classic, at the end of April, but then the championship was canceled.

In August, with protocols for the health situation, several games return without an audience and the Córdoba Tournament is played, finishing seventh in the first phase. For the Reclassification for fifth place he beats Urú Curé and then loses with Córdoba Athletic.

The South American

The entity joins a handful of clubs that have been sustained over time and have reached a century of life. The Federal Shot, Central Union, Central Argentino and now the Jockey Club, are the first local sports entities that have completed 100 years of life.

DATE – 1972

In 1972 another historical event will take place. Rugby joined the club’s activity and that year he joined the Cordovan Rugby Union.

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The Golden Generation