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Slavia made the biggest winter sale when she released Kuchta to Russia. He went through Teplice, Bohemka, Liberec and did not have the best references. Football has not come first for him for a long time. He was only compared by coach Hoftych in Liberec and the next part of the work was done by coach Trpišovský and his team in Slavia. Thanks to them, Kuchta started to think differently about football, he started playing it seriously. Even in more difficult moments, coach Slavia did not lose him, he bet on him and it paid off.

Kuchta is not a striker like Schick, but he is cheeky, emphatic and in the right place at the right time. The progress he has made is one of the greatest I have seen on the domestic scene in recent years. Trpišovský showed that he has a sense of smell on the player and can squeeze the maximum out of him. And that he goes to Russia? Jarošík, Kováč or, more recently, Král have gone in this direction in the past. And they moved on. Lokomotiv is a big club, for example comparable to Slavia, but the money is completely different. When Kuchta plays, it will be a plus and a big challenge not only for him, but also for the national team and the whole Czech football.

Václav Jurečka from Slovácko was also one of the best shooters in the autumn in the league. In half a year, his contract ends, he does not want to extend it, so I recorded information that he was in danger of moving to a flat. At the same time, coach Svědík cares about the player in the spring, it is important for the team. But in the Czech Republic, these situations are solved by moving to a flat bank or leaving immediately so that the club can raise funds. There is an offer on the table from Rakow, the third team of the Polish league, where the Czech defender Petrášek is the captain, and I think it will end with Jurečka’s departure to Poland.

Abroad, the player normally finishes the season, fights for his name, keeps busy and then simply leaves. This is exactly what Pilsen will probably do in the case of Beauguel, who does not hide his plan to leave the Czechia. But Viktorka wants him to help her win the trophy. And then let him go for happiness. But in the case of Jurečka, this model is out of the question …

Another attraction is the transfer of Doležal from Jablonec to Poland. He is already the second forward to leave coach Petr Rada’s team. It is clear that the boss Pelta’s case is falling on the club, he is looking for money and the amount for Doležal will come in handy. It doesn’t even have to be the last departure from the team during the winter. It is said that the club will not even go abroad to concentrate, allegedly because of the covid, but it is probably also convenient from an economic point of view … Anyway, I expect that it will not be hot with shopping and Jablonec will continue to bet on young people.

What I really don’t understand is the winter actions of Karviná, who is last in the league with five points. In her desperate situation, she will make a purge, release four players (Bolek, Šindelář, Nešický, Křapka) and tell the coach that he would need fifteen new players? How can this motivate the boys from the current staff? Then it turns out that they get five goals from junior Baník.

Yes, the club acquired three footballers from Baník, but otherwise it wants to hire foreigners, which I think is not good news for Czech football in terms of concept and future. Sure, he’s trying to do his best to save the league right now, but what will happen in half a year? This is against my fur, I’d rather the club think about the future, give room to the talents.

Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, ČTK

From left, Adam János from Karviná and Jiří Boula from Ostrava during the Tipsport League match.Photo: Jaroslav Ožana, CTK

Betting on players from abroad is really tricky. I myself experienced when I came to Bohemka that eight quality players came for coach Uhrin, but it still took some time before everything settled down. The results were not immediately and Karviná needs them immediately. They know that not everything is going right away, for example in Manchester City … I’m a little worried about Karviná, as it turns out, she is cutting a branch under herself.

In any case, the winter break is still long, the situation is still complicating for us, so we will see what the next days will bring. Most of all, I wish everyone good health and joy in football.

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RAJNOCH’S GLOSSARY: Kuchta deserved a transfer. I don’t understand Karviná’s cleansing or plans – Sport.cz