Bad Italrugby, but winning: 17-10 against Uruguay, goals from Bruno and Faiva

After 16 defeats, the national team found success in the last autumn test match. The scoring of the two rookies was decisive, one for each time

A victory in a scary afternoon. In Parma the Azzurri interrupt the streak of 16 defeats in a row, beat Uruguay 17-10 but risk getting nailed on par by a well-organized and willing team, nothing more. Two blue goals, with rookies Bruno and Faiva and to decide is precisely the hooker of Benetton born in New Zealand, who with 3 minutes from the end foils a dangerous series of phases of the South Americans by imposing a “held” that makes the 3000 of Lanfranchi catch his breath and at least it saves appearances for an Italy that is in any case increasingly distant from the high international level. It was the match in which Italy had to demonstrate solidity, concreteness, ideas, against a team for once further behind in the ranking (17th, Italy is 14th) and which we will find in France 2023. Nothing has been seen. The only good thing is the victory, but at the World Cup we have to be very careful against the Teros.

First half

In the first two minutes Uruguay immediately snatches two possessions from the Azzurri. The first scrum – kick against the Teros, who introduced – and the first forward drive bodes well, but on 5 ‘Garbisi’s first kick is wrong. And then at 12 ‘the captain Lamaro changes strategy, decides to go for the touche, and the goal is born: advancing maul, two phases inside the 22 and Garbisi fishing off Pierre Bruno, who on his debut in blue, in his stadium, signs the first try: 7-0 after a good transformation from the right corner of the opening of Montpellier. Five minutes later the same path was tried, but this time it didn’t work: a stolen touch and Uruguay went up the field. So at 18 ‘, after five kicks in favor of Italy, the first for Uruguay arrives, in the ground game: the Favaro winger hits the posts, 7-3. Minute after minute the match gets complicated for Italy: slow in supporting the game on the ground, the Azzurri win the impacts but still concede kicks. At 28 ‘, after two foul fouls in a row by the Azzurri, an intervention on an Italian on the ground ignites a small frenzy that ends with a kick against Uruguay. The Teros are very foul – 10 kicks conceded in the first half – but Italy fails to take advantage of it. Also because we insist on choosing the touche on placeable kicks, as happens in the 31st minute. A minute later the manifesto of blue sterility: football under the goalposts, Lamaro calls scrum but Uruguay pushes, so Braley has to leave to look for the goal, but does not get there, isolates himself and concedes the held. Football against and bad signal. The only one to give flashes of class is Brex, which puts the team ahead with tackles. And so in the last action of the half Garbisi can put the football of 10-3, after a previous forward had thwarted Ioane’s goal on an assist from the same 10 blue.


In the first ten minutes of the second half, Italy tries several times to go with the drive. Many kicks available, some flames (Morisi), many touches a few meters from the goal which however do not advance and fade, either for a foul (Bigi who “walks” on the ground with the ball), or for a trivial forward (Fuser who loses the ball after having conquered it at the launch) but in any case out of banality. The situation unlocks Hame Faiva, Benetton’s New Zealand-born hooker: enters on 10 ‘and a minute later drives the drive to the 17-3 mark. Yet Italy is not in control even like that. Indeed, minute by minute Uruguay advances, based on the many blue fouls and on a scrum that guarantees possessions. Good defense, basic but effective rugby. At 15 ‘Favaro misses an easy kick, at 19’ the goal arrives: the Teros advancing maul, a series of pick and go under the posts and Civetta breaks through, with Ormaechea who transforms. Spooks roam about 17-10 on Parma. Also because Italy does not find solutions in attacks and wastes many balls because it does not know how to maintain possession with continuity. at 34 ‘three minutes of terror begin: Licata advances the ball in hand on the ground and is punished, the Uruguayans install themselves in the 22 and attack for what would be an incredible draw. There is a kick against Italy, Fischetti takes a yellow card after the intervention of the Tmo, the Teros go into touch, the huge touch is rejected but the percussion begins, ever closer to the blue goal line. To remove the chestnuts from the fire is still Faiva, who imposes a held and drives back the Teros in midfield. It ends 17-10, the long-awaited victory has arrived but there is very little to celebrate.

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Bad Italrugby, but winning: 17-10 against Uruguay, goals from Bruno and Faiva