Crowley rejects Italy: “Too many things didn’t work out”. Lamaro: “It wasn’t us”

The defeat against Argentina marks a decisive step backwards and the Azzurri coach does not like: “It’s easy to do well with the best in the world, but you have to keep the same level game after game”. And the captain: “We didn’t show identity”

He may not have said it too harshly, but the way in which coach Kieran Crowley scolded the Azzurri for the attitude shown today with Argentina cannot certainly go unnoticed. “It’s easy to play to the max and make a good impression with the All Blacks or South Africa, but then you have to show consistency game after game. And today we find ourselves dealing with too many things that didn’t work out.” The too many things that did not go thus resulted in the 37-16 with which Argentina conquered Treviso in the second match for the Autumn Nations Series. And for a negative streak that touches 16 consecutive defeats (in the middle there would be the match not played with New Zealand at the last World Cup which for the statistics would be a draw, but for our own sake we avoid taking it into account). The latest victory remains the one with Canada at the Japanese World Cup. A series involving 3 coaches (Irish Conor O’Shea, South African Franco Smith and now New Zealander Crowley).


Crowley, for the rest, can only recognize the merits of an opponent who was clearly superior from start to finish. “The Pumas played very cleverly. We gave away a couple of too easy tries and the game developed around them. They dominated the aerial duels and the footwork didn’t go as we expected. thanks to our opponents “. And if you ask him what to save, the Azzurri coach doesn’t know what to say, on the contrary, he adds to the dose: “We need more experience to react in the most correct way to the different situations that the matches offer us. High kicks were a problem. more technical than physical. They come from a Championship in which you play a lot in the air, but above all we lack the mentality to know how to dominate it. And we must also review what went wrong in the line-outs. Before the next match (in Parma with Uruguay, ed.) There will be many things that we will have to record. We will have to do a thorough analysis. ” has changed for him compared to when he began his adventure with the Canadian national team (coached between 2008 and 2015), Crowley has no doubts: “The opponents have changed, with Italy you always face the best teams in the world. We started with two top-level matches, but we just have to work and look forward. “


There is also disappointment in the words of captain Michele Lamaro, who unfortunately saw the concepts he presented on the eve of the match, especially those about a united and compact team: “We still have to work hard and today it is a point that it hurts, “said the blue flanker. “Unfortunately today in moments of difficulty we did not respect the identity we want to show. There are problems to be solved as soon as possible. I had the impression at all times that we could remain attached to the result and that we could recover, we were two break and one try would have been enough to reopen it. But then that goal suffered in drive in the second half closed the games. In defense with the forwards we did a good job, we didn’t allow much advancement, but from there we should be able to cover every area In attack we were not dominant, in many areas of the field we have a lot of effort. We need to improve to be more effective. , nothing different “. A merciless analysis by the coach and the captain, who now, however, must necessarily look carefully at the next match against Uruguay, an opponent who, seen on the pitch last week against Romania, is clearly inferior. And for this very reason, Crowley and Lamaro will have to let the field talk, because another step back would not be admissible.

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Crowley rejects Italy: “Too many things didn’t work out”. Lamaro: “It wasn’t us”