October 14, 2021

Riccardo Favretto, no.8 of Benetton

The list of 28 called up for the new Italy A in view of the match on Saturday 30 October against Spain in Madrid (4.45 pm) it is particularly intriguing. The team manager is Alessandro Troncon, but it is clear that the choices of Franco Smith and Kieran Crowley can be seen in the filigree. The list is not a trivial extension, an enlargement of the group of internationals opened with the convening of the 34 for the three tests of the Maggiore in November. In there is the medium-term future of Italy, much more than the list released on Wednesday. Several of these 28 will pass to the first team as early as November (we are without extremes, trivially) and it is safe to bet that from Six Nations 2022 there will be a nice transfer between the two lists. Here are some things to consider.

  • First of all the staff. In addition to Alessandro Troncon, there are also Andrea Marcato, coach of Petrarca, e Davide Giazzon, Rovigo’s assistant for the scrum. Weeks ago the Top 10 clubs had “blocked” the appointment of these two figures. Now the appointment of a man from Padua and one from Rovigo. Just for this match or even for the rest of the season? No if its.
  • There will be a second match of Italy A, al Plebiscite of Padua November 14 against theUruguay A, and likely a third in December. World Rugby requires the Tmo, so we need a production with 5 cameras. At that point the game will be offered to broadcasters, or in any case it will be seen through the Fir channels.
  • Four of the squad are not of Italian training, but by taking the field in Madrid they will become eligible for the blue: it is about Entienne Swanepoel, Rovigo’s South African right prop (this year he hasn’t played yet, back problems according to Rovigo, but he is obviously in a position to take the field), Epalahame Faiva, New Zealand hooker of Tongan origins, Benetton metaman, Ratuva Tavuyara, Fijian wing with a passport also from New Zealand, also from Benetton, e Ange Capuozzo, extreme of Grenoble in the French Pro D2. Mark them all because the call-up for the A is only a step: they are clearly part of the project for the World 2023.
  • A couple of errors in the attribution of clubs: the second line Matteo Canali is given as a player for Rovigo (where he played for years) but is now at Petrarca; Vittorio Carnio, indicated as Benetton’s hooker, is actually also at Petrarca
  • Eight are the ex azzurri under 20: the right prop Ion Neculai (Zebre), the third lines Luca Andreani and Lorenzo Cannone (Zebre and Treviso), the scrum half Manfredi Albanese (Calvisano), the opening of the Benetton Leonardo Marin, the Filippo Drago and Tommaso Menoncello centers ( Benetton), wing Simone Gesi (Colorno). Eight guys, the most ready to make the leap into rugby for the greats. Massimo Brunello he did a great job, that’s undeniable.
  • Certainly the list of the extremes of Italy A must be read as “list of the extremes that after Spain will be integrated by Crowley in major Italy because Minozzi alone is not enough“. We bet that Capuozzo will soon have a cap?
  • A few days ago we made a list of the opening midfielders trained or passed through Mogliano: from Edoardo Padovani and Antonio Rizzi to Paolo Garbisi, Leonardo Marin, Giovanni Sante. We forgot Giacomo Da Re, who was born in Treviso but has lived important years of training in Mogliano. They make six. Congratulations.
  • Set athletes who come directly from the Top 10 clubs, therefore not permits passed into the franchises: Vittorio Carnio (Petrarca), Entienne Swanepoel (Rovigo), Matteo Canali (Petrarca), Alessandro Izekor (Calvisano), Manfredi Albanese (Calvisano), Matteo Panunzi (Petrarca), Simone Gesi (Colorno).
  • Some names tease more than others because they are from guys who weren’t supposed to leave the franchises, but who are taking advantage of the opportunities: Giacomo Nicoteras a hooker he is doing well in Treviso, as well as Riccardo Favretto as no.8. Same goes for Andrea Zambonin, second line of the Zebras.

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