Lamaro: “Italy favored with Uruguay, but let’s show it on the pitch”

The blue captain on the eve of the Parma test: “A testing ground to see if we are able to impose the pace. How will it end? Even a narrow margin victory wouldn’t be bad “

Michele Lamaro on the same wavelength as Kieran Crowley: “Italy are the favorites against Uruguay, it is true, but we will have to prove that we are superior on the pitch minute by minute, action after action”. On the other hand, it would sound strange if the captain and the coach of the Italian rugby team had two different visions with respect to the match that awaits the Azzurri on Saturday in Parma (2 pm) with Teros. An opponent who, however, has just won the qualification for the next World Cup in 2023, killing the United States and reinforced by the return to the field several men who had not taken part in the first two commitments of this European tour with Romania and Italy A ( two defeats).

Inverted roles

On the fact that we return to play against an opponent on the lower card and now more than a year after the last victory (over Canada at the 2019 World Cup), Lamaro does not hide from responsibility: “It is a very important match for the whole group. We take the field in the opposite situation compared to the one that normally occurs when we face the other tier 1 teams. And therefore with Uruguay we will have to be able to do what others do with us: that is, be dominant in order to be able to perform. Obviously we talked about it this week and we are ready to embrace this role. It will therefore be fundamental to bring this confidence to the field and perform at your best in order to have an impact on the game. Because, just as we take what our opponents give us, so they will try to do too. We must not give him confidence and space. The approach doesn’t change too much, it’s always a rugby match and we prepare it the same way. Obviously the opponents change and the tactical and technical aspects change, but this also always happens ”. Lamaro then clearly indicates what the way must be to put Los Teros on the ropes: “We should not care how to move the score, we will simply have to be able to play our cards in the best way, do the small things well, perform in the best way , bring out the best in any situation and action. We will have to interpret the game minute by minute without falling into the trap of being the favorites. Uruguay, like all South American teams, plays passionately, they want to have physical dominance, they never give up. Just look at the way they turned the challenge against the United States. In spaces they know how to play, but if put under pressure they get into difficulty, make mistakes, disunite. So we have to stick together to break them up minute by minute “.


And the match won fairly easily last Sunday by National A must not be misleading, Lamaro underlines: “Uruguay took the field – says the captain blue – was very different from what we will face. Many were missing that instead will be there on Saturday. But the lesson will also be useful for us, given that Italy A has done what we will have to do tomorrow. In addition to having given a signal to us and to the whole movement with a more than positive performance. How much margin to expect? Not something that can worry me. I can’t say which score will make us feel satisfied. And I don’t see why a win with a narrow margin should count for little “. Rather, and here Lamaro takes a truly realistic photograph, we expect to see much more from Italy in the challenges it faces more often: “To build our confidence in a match like the one against Uruguay, we must start from things that we can control, without being influenced by the score or anything else. Normally, as happens in Six Nations matches, we have to adapt to the attacks and pace of the opponent and when it’s your turn to have the game in hand, you face a completely different situation. For which you need concentration and focus on the moment. What are we missing compared to the others? My idea is that we lack the ability to be able to repeat the positive action in several moments of the game, in addition to the experience and quality in knowing how to make the right choice in every situation: a whole that we call consistency. The other teams do it for most of the minutes, we have flashes in which we manage to defend perfectly, but then we grant easy goals, moments in which we attack effectively for 5-6-7 phases, others in which we do not go. after two o’clock because something goes wrong. And this is what digs that gap that currently exists with the others “.

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Lamaro: “Italy favored with Uruguay, but let’s show it on the pitch”