Riccioni, smiles after the surgery: “No Christmas to come back sooner”

The right prop returned home after his left knee operation. “He is in better condition than expected, the orthopedist speaks of 8-9 months and is very cautious. From Monday I will already be at work, I will give up Christmas at home to make up for time. And in the meantime I am working on a streetwear clothing brand”

Simone Battaggia


“I try to be optimistic. After all, it is useless to cry over it, it is the risks that are run on the pitch”. Marco Riccioni speaks with a slightly tired voice, but does everything to be positive, to start on the right foot the path that will lead him to recover from the bad injury suffered in the second half of Italy-Argentina on 17 November in Treviso. A terrible injury, the one to his left knee, which at first caused fear of a scenario similar to that of Jake Polledri, but which fortunately seems more “manageable” and should allow him to prepare for next season. On Thursday, one day after being operated on, the blue right prop returned home. Indeed, in his new home. “Yes, I was in the process of moving and the injury has accelerated the pace – he says from Saint Albans, 500 meters from the Old Albanian RFC which is the training center of his Saracens -. So yesterday my teammates practically made me the move”.

As it was specified in November, the club takes care of everything.

“For real. As soon as I got hurt they all called me and together we decided the best route. I had asked to be able to stay with the national team again, they told me yes, to finish what I was doing, that they would be waiting for me. They first cared about my desires, my mental well-being. But then I realized that Andy Williams, the orthopedist who follows me and who operated on me, could only see me on Thursdays, otherwise I would have had to skip a week. At that point I spoke to Kieran (Crowley, ed) and with my teammates, I explained to them that I wanted to stay but that I didn’t want to lose even a week to start the recovery process “.

Do you remember how the injury happened?

“I slipped. When the cleats landed on the ground, the knee was all on the inside, in hyperextension. He just came out ”.

How long did the operation last?

“Two hours, two and a half hours. They had to check the condition of the joint. They rebuilt the crusader with the tendon, surrounded him with an artificial harness to make him stronger. They did the same work on the internal collateral, which had stretched a bit. They also took the opportunity to do some cleaning of the meniscus “.

Did they find the knee in the imagined condition?

“Maybe a little better. Williams feared that the external collateral had also been hit, but he’s okay ”.

Will the harness stay?

“Yeah, it’s kind of a ligament support.”

Have you already planned the recovery path?

“We haven’t talked about times. Andy (Williams, ed) assumes 8-9 months are safe. They told me that he is usually very cautious, he prefers it that way. By touching iron, however, we know that anything can happen in rehabilitation. We agree with the Saracens to set goals week by week “.

“I already have an exercise program to do. A Saracens physiotherapist will come every day to check the situation. And on Monday they will bring me a machine that will move my knee without supporting it “.

Will Christmas be in England?

“Yes, of course. Actually I could travel, take a plane, but I prefer not to waste weeks of recovery. I make a sacrifice now by giving up going home to get better earlier ”.

Have you already thought about how to invest the time available?

“I have my mum right here hammering me … Let’s say I started the year focused on rugby, things were really good. Now I will focus on the knee and on a project that I started with some friends in Italy ”.

“We are trying to launch a streetwear clothing brand. From a distance it’s not easy, but I’ll get there “.

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Riccioni, smiles after the surgery: “No Christmas to come back sooner”