Sexual harassment? FIFA is investigating allegations against Avram Grant

In the show “Exposure” on Israel TV Channel “Channel 12” several women spoke out who reported sexual harassment by Grant. Grant is said to have offered to use his prominent position as a spur to professional advantages for the women and in return demanded sexual relations. The newspaper reports “Times of Israel. In some cases, Grant is said to have used violence during the advances that the women did not want.

Grant coached Israel’s men’s national soccer team from 2002 to 2006. From 2007 to 2008 he was under contract with Chelsea and led the club to the Champions League final. Grant is considered one of the most influential figures in Israeli sport.

Editorial team reports on pressure from Grant’s environment

The women are, for example, well-known journalists and models, according to the program. Their identity has not been published because the women fear professional disadvantages. One of the women said that Grant’s behavior in the industry “is an open secret”.

The editors of the program also reported that during the research, pressure was exerted from those close to Grant not to publish the statements, with threats of legal action.

Grant: ‘Never intended to be unfair’

In a response, Grant did not deny the allegations. He said any damage he caused was unintentional. “I’m a sociable person, a man of friendships. And over the years I’ve cultivated relationships with women”, quotes “Times of Israel” Grant.

“In all of these relationships, I have tried very hard to treat the women with respect and friendship. And it was never my intention to be unfair or to hurt a woman in any way. To anyone who might be uncomfortable or hurt by me felt sorry for it and I apologize from the bottom of my heart.”

FIFA Ethics Committee wants to ‘look into the matter’

It is not yet clear whether charges will be brought against Grant in Israel. The only thing that is clear so far is that the world association FIFA will become active. Grant was most recently the coach of the “FIFA Legends Team”, which Arab Cup a deposit game in Qatar completed against the “Arabian Legends”.

“In light of the allegations, the FIFA Ethics Committee will look into the matter”, FIFA said, according to the news agency Associated Press With. “When it comes to misconduct and abuse in football, we would like to reiterate that FIFA takes all allegations reported to it very seriously.”

In the “FIFA Legends” program, which includes many former stars, there is currently a similar incident. The “New York Times” reported in late Januarythat Miguel Macedo, as boss of the “FIFA Legends”, used his position to get closer to a FIFA employee. According to the report, she presented evidence for her allegations, and that no consequences had been imposed so far. She no longer works for FIFA, Macedo is still in office.

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Sexual harassment? FIFA is investigating allegations against Avram Grant