Shorter comeback for Caroline Seger: “Needed the minutes”

GOTHENBURG. A match-trained Caroline Seger is now slightly less match-trained.

It was a 20-minute jump in the World Cup qualifier against Finland.

– It was really needed, says the team captain.

The last national team gathering was missing Caroline Seger due to a calf injury.

Now, in this collection, she was back.

In the 2-1 victory at home against Finland at Gamla Ullevi, however, she started on the substitutes’ bench, to be replaced with about 20 minutes left.

Just right, according to Seger himself.

– No, Seger answered briefly and concisely when she was asked if she could have played more.

After all, she had not played more than a minute of football (a half-minute jump in Rosengård – Eskilstuna last month) since Rosengård’s 2-1 victory against Linköping on 9 October.

– It’s good. It was nice to be allowed to play. It was a long time ago and it was these minutes I got. It was really needed, says Seger and adds:

– It was the best possible plan for my bet as well. Very soft and comfortable.

Gerhardsson: “The decision was quite simple”

The, in the name of honesty, seemingly substandard hybrid carpet at Gamla Ullevi did not prevent Sweden from playing for an important 2-1 victory.

– Incredibly cool with profit. Then it’s a couple of days now to get into it again and get even more pace in me. But it was a good start.

Seger now hopes to be able to participate for more minutes against Slovakia on Tuesday.

– If everything goes as I want. Of course, always Peter who decides. With more training and pace in the body, it is easier to get more minutes in the next match.

Federal captain Peter Gerhardsson was already set in advance that he would not be able to use his important team captain from the start.

– We knew she had about this time in her body. I’ve talked to her too. It was obvious to start Filippa Curmark in that position and let “Carro” come in. The decision was quite simple for me, not to risk anything. It was a very good situation she got into the match. During that period we were quite superior, so she got the opportunity to steer from that position.

No playing time for Blackstenius

For the Damallsvenska shooting league winner and MVP Stina Blackstenius, also recently returned from injury, there was no playing time. When the central forward position was changed, it was Mimmi Larsson who had to make the jump.

– Stina has trained and it is a competitive situation also when it comes to playing time. It is Mimmi who participated in all the training and she who would come in here. She made a very good jump-in, says Gerhardsson.

The league captain does not want to go further into how current Blackstenius is for match minutes against Slovakia on Tuesday.

– We will see Stina in the number of minutes. We’re talking about a player who’s been gone for a while. And it’s about a competitive situation.

However, something he confirms is that Rebecka Blomqvist will also miss the Slovakia match after her sprain she suffered at the beginning of the collection.



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Shorter comeback for Caroline Seger: “Needed the minutes”