Slovácko in emotions! I didn’t even play with my hands. I do not understand why the goal was not paid, says Kohút –

Viktorka scored the leading goal in the corner in the 49th second and her victory in the match of the leading teams of the table was sealed in the second half with her jubilee tenth goal in this first league year, striker Beauguel. In the meantime, however, they transported the balloon twice to the home network. However, in both cases, VAR helped Pilsen. In the 34th minute, the referee Pechanec called off Kohut’s goal due to his previous hand play and after a break he found the final Jurečka in a close offside. Slovácko scored a regular goal in the setup.

“It simply came to our notice then. “We missed Hradiště coach Martin Svědík. His team had 75 percent of the ball on their feet, but the West Bohemians were much more effective.” The guests scored twice in the second half and scored one goal. ” .

Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Právo

Judge Ondřej Pechanec follows VAR. (illustrative photo)Photo: Vlastimil Vacek, Right

He thinks that unrecognized goals have paralyzed his team somewhat. “It was difficult for the teams to obscure it. But the boys fought with all their might until the end, “says Svědík. “In the end, however, we probably offended luck in Budějovice. And it continued in the match with Pilsen,” he believes. “But I feel much better about him,” says the coach.

Slovácko midfielder Michal Kohút suffocated after the match that he definitely did not play with his hand before an unrecognized goal. “It is incomprehensible to me that the goal did not work. It was no coincidence. At first I thought it was offside. When we found out it was about a hand, I explained to the judge that I didn’t even touch the balloon. He was unfortunately of a different opinion. But I didn’t find my hand even after the match on the video, “a member of the national team of twenty-one shrugs disappointedly.

He also regrets the goal collected quickly at the beginning of the match. “We should have looked after the standard. We were shaken for a while, but soon we took a deep breath. We pushed Pilsen, but this time we didn’t like it there. The contact gate was late. But I am convinced that due to the course of the match, we deserved at least one point. And I would say even three, “Kohut muses.

Photo: Dalibor Glück, ČTK

Milan Havel from Pilsen celebrates a goal on the Slovácko field.Photo: Dalibor luck, CTK

The author of the goalie Viktoria, Milan Havel, enjoys the victory in Uherské Hradiště immensely. “It was a hectic encounter, we won with luck. I’m excited to have contributed to this. I pushed the ball into the net with my belly. “I’ve smiled.” He’s glad the video helped his team. “I believe the judges made the right decision,” he says.

However, he also praises Slovácko for his performance. “She has a great job. It was a very difficult duel on difficult terrain. Fortunately, we survived the onslaught of the hosts. I feel good about our performance. I believed in victory even before the match. We bounced back with Hradiště and we continue to fight for the top of the table, “says Havel.

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Slovácko in emotions! I didn’t even play with my hands. I do not understand why the goal was not paid, says Kohút –