A broth for the Chiefs. Rams, everything and immediately with Miller

Kansas City wins Monday Night with the Giants but confirms that it is no longer the team of the last 3 years. LA strengthens the defense with Denver’s linebacker and heads straight for the Super Bowl

Massimo Oriani

Monday Night confirms that the Chiefs are not racing this year. Maybe not even as a playoff. A lot, too much effort to beat the bad New York Giants at home 20-17. Pat Mahomes is a turnover machine, the magic seems to have vanished. There is still time but now they live off the credits accumulated in the last 3 seasons, not what they actually seem able to do at the moment.


No need to dramatize for a regular-season defeat, Tampa remains one of the favorites for the title. But it is fair to remember that the Saints are Tom Brady’s kryptonite: on Sunday he threw two interceptions and lost a fumble, as well as having suffered 3 sacks. Since joining the Bucs it has only happened 3 times, all against New Orleans. It’s not a casuality. Unfortunately the Saints have lost Jameis Winston: the crusader break ends his season here. Too bad for what is certainly one of the beautiful surprises of the year (the Saints, not Winston). Taysom Hill is expected to return shortly but the road to the playoffs is all uphill.

White, who was this?

Raise your hand if you, before Zach Wilson’s injury, knew who Mike White was. Nobody? Good. Twenty-six years old, former choice of Dallas on the fifth round of 2018, cut 5 times in his career, a name that cannot be more anonymous, the Mario Rossi of America, ex qb of South Florida and Western Kentucky (not exactly Alabama and Oklahoma) he finished with 37/45 for 405 yards, top in the first race as a starter after the 422 of Cam Newton in 2011 with the Panthers. And now don’t be so sure (not even coach Robert Saleh is…) that when Wilson – who obviously remains the future of the franchise – will be ok, he will take back the place of qb1. Speaking of the victory of the Jets: every time you think that the Bengals are no longer the Bengals, you are flatly denied …


Another question: if they had told you that Derrick Henry would have closed the match with the Colts with only 68 yards on the run, who would have said that the Titans would have returned to Nashville with a victory? Nobody? Good. Instead, even without the now perpetually injured Julio Jones, but with a frightening AJ Brown (10 receptions for 155 yards and a td) they broke the Indy field. Sure, Carson Wentz’s early Christmas present made all the difference. Meanwhile, Tennessee already has the division in his pocket. We underestimated them earlier in the season. They had proven us wrong. But Henry’s fears of usury were legitimate. A foot injury will force him to go under the knife and lose the rest of the season. Which amounts to eliminating the Titans from the AFC contenders. The numbers were worrying in this respect: in 8 races Henry had led the oval 219 times and was on average to break Larry Johnson’s record (416). Sooner or later you pay for it. Adrian Peterson is a patch to stop a severed femoral artery.

Get yourself a big mac

Justin Herbert is a phenomenon. That’s for sure. But he too, like Brady with the Saints, seems to have his Achilles heel in the Pats. Last season he suffered 3 sacks and threw 2 interceptions with the 45-0 defeated Chargers. He fared slightly better this time, at least for the final score, 27-24 for New England. But Adrian Phillips’ pick six paid dearly for it. And on the last drive he was unable to lead his own comeback. Mac Jones made a lot of mistakes, even easy pitches, playing his worst game of the season. But once again, unlike Herbert (who remains much stronger than Jones, mind you) he didn’t make the fatal mistake, the one that cuts your legs. By far the best performance of the Pats, still work in progress but now they can wink at the playoffs.

What a blow …

There is a reason why one chooses to be a kicker. Anyone have an idea? Nobody? Good. Maybe he doesn’t want to be beaten. Poor Chris Boswell must have thought it too, who on a fake football in the first half took a devastating blow that knocked him out. Pittsburgh then ended the game. Which didn’t stop the Steelers from hitting Cleveland, even without attempting a field goal or an extra point for the rest of the match. Big Ben, in what may have been his last appearance in the house of historical rivals, thus emerges as a triumph. And the downsized Browns. Or had we oversized them again this time?

Boys will be boys

Dallas (speaking of pre-season miscalculations…) winning in Minny even without Dak Prescott is the confirmation that this could really be his year. Ok, ridiculous division, but in the meantime they also win the other games, not just those with Phila, Washington and Giants. And if they do it with Cooper Rush at the helm (after White and Trevor Siemian of the Saints completes the day of reserve qb), it means that the base is very solid. They have everything to contend with Bucs and Rams in the NFC.

Players of the week

Mike White for the attack, hands down. For the defense the usual TJ Watt, devastating beyond the numbers in the success of Pittsburgh against Cleveland.

Super bowl of the week

Halfway through the journey, or almost given that this year there are 17 matches, we can begin to hypothesize it: Rams-Bills the most accredited. Although Buffalo has struggled more than it should have lately. But in the AFC, in addition to Baltimore and Tennessee without Henry, there are currently no valid alternatives. The Rams took Von Miller from Denver. It’s not what it used to be, but next to Aaron Donald it’s still scary, Very scary. Rams all in. But do you want to see that after 54 Super Bowl without a team getting to play it in his stadium, it will happen for the second year in a row?

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A broth for the Chiefs. Rams, everything and immediately with Miller